After I finished my last paper for BIO120 (actually i went out from exam's hall bout 45 mins earlier than the exam supposed to finish...huhuh damn rite??) p/s: just for your info) But it's okay a lil regret but I think that I've done my best.. Hope can score well for all papers.. Then after the last paper we organised a lil trip around KT.. KT is quite nice place... Full with beautiful beaches, not the bitches... This is shortly organised by Pok Nik and about 12 of us.. 2 ViVAs and a Kancil.. Just nice...

  • 2.00 PM departed from college to TER our first destination..
  • around 2 arrived at TER and played bowling
  • About 4 went to masjid putih??? dunno da real name, performed solat asar then moved to Bukit Puteri and Pasar Payang..
  • 6.30 PM moved to Giant...KFC..PC FAIR and so on
  • Around 9.00 PM went to Pantai Batu Burok... WTH went at beach at nite but so fun doin stupid things at the beach
  • 10.30 PM went back to college damn tired but enjoyed ourselves

they called it bowling babes

it's hiking time


the beach...

up..up.. and away..

thanks for mirul for all da nice pics... i'm not a boy and not yet a man...huhuhuh

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I'm proud to be a Malaysian student.. A cover phrase or what?? But really i'm enjoying myself now.. Maybe there'll be a golden chance for me to further my studies to overseas once again Insyallah...
 It's raining season now, wet, soak and nice to hibernate through all day..huhuhu... It's make me getting lazy and getting fat from time to time..damn...
Enough for the i'm goin to share bout the greatest moment I'd experienced through this sem... It's kinda boring... so what it's my blog I have my veto power to write anything i like isn't it???
Actually there's so good thing happened but I'm goin to share bout our controversial yet most glamorous diner I had ever attended... The Masquerades Ball for our DiSA NITE...
I never expected to wear something stupid like this.. but it really really damn fun... Credited to Kimie as my image consultant all of us really rock da nite...

kimie the fame monster???

the mask we wore...

what lies beneath

the feast

the fashionistas

the nite...

larger than life??

the gypsy
p/s: credit to farid amil and afiq for the photos..thanks guys...
we're sci student not a geek or nerdy anymore..we transformed and metamorphosed into a futuristic leader.. Other faculties beware of our revolutions from good to the greatest
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new life with new hopes...

College's life gonna repeating once again...but do I'm really happy with my life now?? Allah knew better than me. Being a part 1 student doesn't seems any problem for me cause i've already had my my experience in college's life before. but to get know with new people seems a lil bit probs for me. I'm not that kinda lousy and easy to get to know people...but when people knew me they'll know who I really am. New subjects?? Doesn't seem a big deal but I'm not that really good in Chem and sometimes it getting on my nerve.. huhuhu...
When thinking bout the future my heart started to pound again..this time I wont make that same mistake repeating again.. Once is enough to teach me a real lesson of life.. I hate to be a failure but just hating it doesn't seem to change the fact. i tried to write my blog in english cause my lecturer said that try to improve our skill by writing and using the language. Although it's quite "poyo" but for my own good sake.. It's seem that this sem gonna end in 1 week more.. I have 2 more papers to go PHY110 and BIO120.. hope it runs smoothly... I have that burning desire and it keeps burning until I satisfied with my own assessment. Keep fighting till the end of my life.

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