Hate That I Love You??

Assalamualaikum peeps
it's been a long time since i'm not updating my blog, xpe no one read my entry pon hehe
quite busy lorh
ENT300 report + final presentation
BIO300 report + final presentation
in a single sem need to finish up 2 final projects
dahla 2 different area, one in business field and the other one in biology field
thats's student's life, nie bru dip aku da membebel mcm2, next year nak masuk degree
ntah ape yg ak carut nanti heheheh
Actually back to my title of my post entry
gonna ask u'oll peeps satu soklan cepu emas..
bukan soklan bio, bukan soklan phy, bukan soklan chem apatah lagi soklan business yg ak xphm term used by business people. ( i keep wondering business student gonna be mad at me, cause same goes to them bout sci subject..hehehe)
however, the question is.......
" Have you ever feel that you're loving someone, you're taking care bout someone ( ex. your ex's ke, your frenemies ke, long time bromance ke, backstabbed BFF ke) but at the same time you just feel that wanna kick his/her ass?"

that's why i'm saying hate that i love you
a few weeks ago
i gotta feeling
hate but love you, hard for me and it's a mixed feeling
how could it be???

totally hate but at the same time, you still want and need those "jerk" by your side
it's too complicated dudes
so i try to came up with a few solutions
how effective???
depend on how you gonna manage your own feeling
  • kick out all your reminiscences, sweet memories towards them, it's kinda hurt but life's need to go on.
  • stay away and avoid meeting them, the longer you're staying away from them the better consequences it's gonna be. Trust Me I'm A Doctor (ayat baju Mat Din)
  • mind your own business, ignored what they're doing and just be yourself and keep busying with your stuffs.
  • try to make them feeling envious towards you, this will gain their respect towards you more...and...more. igt ak nak bkwn sgt ngn korang?? some sort of feeling gtu la..
  • being selfish, not becoming fishmonger okai... hahaha. kdg2 if we were too gentle and too soft towards to those peoples they were gonna "naik lemak".
  • don't you ever hurt them physically, BUT emotionally YES.... advisable hahahha 
  • get another person that you can share your prob with, REMEMBER find a person that you're really can put your trust in them!!

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