so sweet...

discovered some sweet videos on youtube
soo cute hahah

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just for fun..

pergh.. ader brani??

enjoy these...

hahah set kito guano ni??

are u ready??
up to you...
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the dream girl ??

hahha dreamgirls???

assalamualaikum wbt
up until now this is my bravest entry kot
i'm goin to discuss bout my dream or hope-to-be-my-wife
kuangkuangkuang...kinda "gedik" but s'okay
btw i'm 20++ now hehehe
when we talk bout future wife (for guy)/husband (for girl la) what'll come to pop up in our brain??
pretty face?? popular?? properties??
sume tu xleh bwk pegi akhirat la der...
i admit that i'm not a pious person..not that ustaz type..
but i know a lil bit on how to communicate with the opposite gender to us, the limits in our relationship and so on in the Islamic ways
i've been taking HKR course (Management of Family Institution) for 2sem, it's really helpful
do you know bout syiqaq?? dharar?? kahwin mut'ah?? we learned all this stuff
it's interesting to know bout this thing
one day i watched this malay drama, during the merisik time that girl doesn't ask anything from the male's side, not even a money, jewelries, diamonds and etc.......but she just asked senaskhah AlQuran which was read by her future hubby....waaa gempak abes...
so guys, how bout us?? khatam2 la AlQuran tu der... better reconsider it
fyi i already had my "sijil kursus kahwin" hahah
calon je xder..
back to the topic,
for me..

so sweet..

ala tomey awek sayer.. in my dream la hihi
  • the 1st characteristic of my future wife should have is she know a lil bit bout our religion in a rite way..xjd ustazah pon xper but she can guide me to the right path.. can read AlQuran, guide our childrens (waa ni da over sudeyh hahaa), she can guide me and at the same time i can guide her too. if both us is jahil in agama...disaster dunia and akhirat.. nauzubillah
  • next, she must be bertudung and covering all her aurat... i love the tudung type girl.. fashionable or not? up to her it's her own style.
  • not too pretty, just suit me.. i know who i'm and i accept it with an open heart hahah.
  • can understand and accept me just the way i am. she can accept all my weaknesses with her open heart.
  • know that i'm a type of family-guy person. my parent is my 1st priority, then she is. "syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu" for guys but for women it's upon his husband's blessing. REMEMBER THAT GIRLS
  • then, don't make a harsh decision and easily to discuss bout something or probs that occurred. i'm not a hot temper person, any prob can be discussed. but if you're silent, how i'm goin to correct my mistake??
  • dont be too jealous... jealous is good cause it shows that you care or love to someone  but dont over do it cause it'll make more troubles.
  • respecting my family as i respecting hers. it's a win win situation
  • she's a good cook. for me, a woman who can cook is an extra bonus for her especially the educated type woman. educated + good cook = your hubby will love you. you can seduce your hubby through your cook, trust me cair nyer.. for me it's la.. to others dunno..maybe.. plus i love to eat heheh
  • can entertain me when i'm in a bad situation or in a stressful condition. she's always ready to hear all my probs and together try to solve it..damn soooooo romantic...
  • be patient with my acts and "kerenah". sometimes it's a joke we'll try to make it but if it sorry that's why i need a patient type wife. but i'm not that bad la..
hurm.. looks hubby will sacrifice for his wife

damn true?? think about it
that's my thought how bout you??
it's not a fairytale, we can pray to Allah to give us the rite person for us to live with us in now and hereafter world..
for me to be married?? it's a loooooooooooong way to go
i'll finish up my study first, then working for few years, taking care of both my parent, then get married..
InsyAllah, it's all with Allah willin'
we just plan, He will do the rest for us
let's pray the good thing for our self 
people said that a good man is for a good woman..

i love this photo, taken from the net...excited giler laki die hahah

take a few seconds and starts to ponder bout it
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The Comparison Of Reading Culture Among Japanese and Malaysian Students

If we have to compare the awareness of Malaysian towards the importance of reading now and then, the current situation is better than the previous ten years. Malaysian individual only read two books per year. However, this is not a situation to be proud of because there are still Malaysians who cannot read and write compared to other Asian country. For example the rate of Japanese people whom cannot read in their country is zero percent compared to other countries. Is it possible to transform Malaysian into reading society like Japanese? There are many reasons why Japanese are better reader compared to Malaysian. Japanese cultivate a reading society among their students so Japanese students have  strong reading motivation due to their own personal interest, support from government and non government organization and the availability of many different reading materials.
The major reason why Japanese student is a better reader compared to a Malaysian student is because he or she has a strong reading interest towards their reading. Usually a Japanese student is reading for pleasure and they read not in a stressful condition. According to Matsumura (1987), Japanese have their goal and target to read as much as possible and they really enjoy doing it. Japanese student read for fun to fill their leisure time by either reading educational or non educational books. In contrast, as stated by Malaysia’s ex-Minister of Education, Najib Tun Razak (1995-1999), Malaysian student read only to pass their exams and not for pleasure. As a result Malaysian student do not enjoy reading because they only read in a stressful condition and this makes the reading becomes boring and no fun at all. Moreover, Malaysian student tends to read only educational books when only it is needed, for example when an examination is around the corner or when they want to complete their assignments. This is not a good situation to be practiced by a newly developing country like Malaysia.
Another reason why reading culture among Malaysian students are worse than Japanese student reading culture is because of the lack of support from the society especially from the government and non government sectors. In Malaysia, parents seldom bring their children to library. Lack of consideration and motivation from the parent makes their children become lazy to read as their parents do not nurture the reading habit since they were young. A study conducted by Malaysian National Library (2006), noted overall literacy had declined by 1% and reading pattern had remain stagnant over a ten year period in Malaysia. Malaysian government also had organised NILAM Program but the effectiveness of the program is really low. This program had been organised in Malaysian school aiming to provide opportunities of enhancing already gained vocabulary among the students. It is a combination of reading encouragement programmes at school. This programme has already provided a good foundation for extensive reading. However, there are no standard instructions to make student to read materials in English and Malay language. Thus, students have a low interest to read in both Malay and English. According to Alderson and Urquhart (1984), the Japanese teachers have their own solution and alternative to increase the reading habit among the students. A small incentive experiment offering token prizes for whoever reads the most books is one such example. Every time a student completes a book, he or she gets to choose a cartoon sticker to put next to her name on a wallchart, which records the number of books read by each student. By doing this, students will become more motivated to read more books and at the same time this will make reading become more pleasurable and fun. Furthermore, peers also play an important role to increase the reading habit in Japanese student community especially in their school. From a friend to another Japanese friend, the Japanese student put up a monthly Top 10 list of the most popular titles to be read for. Peer-to-peer recommendation often has greater influence to students than recommendations made by the teacher. With this friend they will share the same interest in reading the book and thus a reading culture’s community can be cultivated without any obstacles and problems.
The third reason why Japanese students enjoy reading compared to Malaysian student is because they have a lot of interesting materials to read. Japanese student enjoy reading different type of reading materials. There are many reading materials that can be read and used by student which involved not only educational but also non educational books. For example Japanese students enjoy reading manga, a type of comic cartoon that entertain them. They also enjoy reading other books. Manga however has brought a great influence and has become a phenomenon among the Japanese teenagers. The content of the manga tells about the story of the struggle between good and evil and the characters in the story might be a mix of things for example human, animal, robot and also gods and goddesses. But the most interesting part in manga is it has a main quality when it emphasis on a story about the Japanese culture and their traditional custom. This is a good factor in creating reading society among the Japanese youngster in their country. Furthermore, Japanese student are collecting the books or manga series as their hobbies to fill their free time. According to Nitcschske (1994), manga are not intended to be kept and are usually are thrown away as soon as they have been read. However stories do not just stop and Japanese people recollect all the manga stories and turn it as their collection which can be read for another generations as an entertainment. In contrast to Malaysian culture, Malaysia lack a sort of reading materials like manga thus, Malaysian student finds it hard to nurture their reading habit and make reading as their hobby.
From the reading and research, it is clearly seen that Japanese students have a better reading culture compared to Malaysian student because they have a strong reading motivation due to personal interest, society support from the government and non government and also the availability of reading materials in their country. However, cooperation and helps from the Malaysian is needed in order to cultivate the interest in reading in each individual. The identity of a country is reflected by its citizen. A reading society will make each individual in the country more updated and informative. It is still not too late to nurture and instil reading habit among the citizens in our country. All people, especially the government sector must not give up and have to keep up the efforts to achieve the target that is to transform Malaysian society to a reading society.

Muhamad Hafizi Bin Zaudi@Harun
July-November 2011
UiTM Kuala Terengganu

cool huh??
i've been doin research and this stuff for the whole sem to fulfill the assignment of BEL311..
i felt satisfied with my reading and writing at least i learned something
references is not included cause i think it's too long
not to show i'm "poyo" or bragging of myself with my work
just sharing my writing and opinion
it's a waste just to save in your pendrive after we handed in the i shared to all of you...
i'm doin this stuff with my own effort
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being a metro sexual person does'nt means he's a homosexual person

actually i'm quite interested with this topic
i read a few articles bout this stuff and its kinda interesting and made me to know more..
so let share bout some fun trivia and facts that i get from the reading
it's not wrong at all for guys to look "pretty", but in a right way
not by wearing a woman's clothes, dragtitude or being a "pondan"
but we can be or looking good in certain ways
in my opinion, it's not weird for a guy to wear body lotion, lip balm, hand's sanitizer or even moisturizer..
it's for our skins or body protection..
so why do we afraid or shame to do so??
maybe it's caused by the perspective of our Malaysian people
my friends told me in Japan it's not strange at all for guys to wear lip balm or lotion in the public area, but in Malaysia?? No need to mention that... weird...
i read an article wrote by Dexter Mickens, so let share bout it
According to Wikipaedia, metrosexuals are described as: heterosexual men with a serious concern for their physical appearance, or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically

The new term in style is metro sexual. It stands for a well-groomed man. It has nothing to do with his sexual preference. These are the men who get manicures, pedicures and facials, services that are usually utilized by women. Fashion, style and being well-groomed-it is being cool and is the latest trend with today’s man. Usher set the pace in his video, introducing you to this look-a buttoned-down shirt, dress jacket, ball-cap, a white tee and jeans, and well-groomed. “Metro Look” services separate him from your everyday man. These services do not make him less masculine and cool, just the opposite. Most women prefer a well-groomed male with all the extras. You are the judge…which would you prefer?
Some women prefer that hard-core thug, as Destiny’s Child deemed, “a soldier.” More today than ever you will see thugs, as they are called, “the hard masculine type,” in the beauty salons getting facials, manicures and pedicures. These men are considered metro sexual. They want that “look”, the look of being well-groomed and in style from head to toe. The metro sexual male does not have dirt underneath his fingernails and overgrown toenails. He wants the look of being sexy and stylish, whether he is at the beach or at the office. You will soon see salons opening that cater to just men, offering stylish cuts, massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Look for them soon. Every man will want to be pampered and well groomed, not just the metro sexual male.
It does not matter if you’re a thug, a professional or the everyday male; guys, continue to pamper yourselves. These are the things that most women want you to do. So learn to love yourself and take the time to “Do You.”
nak jd cam Fahrin..hakhak..
Hero Malaya??

Hollywood is the perfect breeding ground for the ‘met’ community, and here we compile the list of the world’s top 10 metrosexual celebs in no particular order:

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
When he isn’t adopting Third World kids with his wife, Pitt makes a fine living having unbelievably rock-hard abs and a somewhat chiselled face for a bloke of his years – he’s in his later 40s!. And by the way, did you see him in that Fight Club? Before you knew it, underground fighting was made a true spectator sport for a host of reasons.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
One odd thing about Hugh Jack man is that he’s widely known for playing Wolverine, a booze swilling man who would stab absolutely anyone looking at him sideways. You then see him in TV interviews or in his famous role as Peter Allen in the famous show Boy From Oz. Sorry dude, but you ain’t fooling nobody no more. We all know you spend most of your grooming time singing and singing bloody well for that matter.

Johnny Depp
Johny Depp
Whenever he appears on the red carpet, Johny Depp looks like a hybrid of the classic metrosexual and the homeless guy. Well, he’s just trying to hide his pretty face nature with some weird facial hair but you just know full well that he spends an hour or two on it every morning. And for that reason alone Johny,you will always remain a beacon of the metrosexual lifestyle. Oh and of course Jack Sparrow, ’nuff said!

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
We ain’t sure if you’ve seen the commercial for the recent ABA show that Kutcher produced. He’s just strutting down a huge hallway like a pretty model on the runway. Ashton Kutcher is all about the lovely hair which is possibly how he landed the gorgeous Demi Moore. Whatever you like to say about the masculinity of the metrosexual, he did land the queen of all cougars indeed!

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest
This bloke has to bleach his teeth at the very least once a day. Although I suppose when your primary talent is hosting stuff, the better you look, the easier it is for you to distract the audience from the ongoing real talent. One question though: does he still frost his hair?

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
In Brokeback mountain, Jake was much manlier than he is in real life. He’s got that brooding theatre man look who everyone knows ignored the birds in college to learn a few lines for the drama production. Now he’s fully grown up and the sort of bloke all theatre guys aspire to become – good looking, deep and most of all talented. Persona hardly comes naturally. It does take years of practice and tonnes of work.

David Beckham
David Beckham
How has he even have the time to be a football star when he spends so much time sprucing himself up so he looks prettier than Posh Spice? He’s certainly the quintessential metro bloke and most women and a load of men ain’t complaining about that either.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
He really did hit it big playing an elven archer and then showed the whole world his well-conditioned  curly brown locks. To this day, the debate still rumbles on as who is fitter in the Pirates films, Bloom or Johny Depp. In fact, I’m now thinking of writing my master’s thesis on this subject!

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
From a young pretty boy on Two Guys to Van Wilder to Hannibal the King in Blade, Reynolds just seem unable to escape his naturally feminine and soft look. Perhaps it’s down to that sweet funny bloke attitude or just the fact his hair is always in that messy spiky style. Even buffed up with weird facial hair, Ryan never looks like he’s worked a day in his whole bloody life!

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Quick – name a film in which Zac Efron doesn’t play a pretty boy singing to the lovely girl of his affection. I bet you couldn’t think of none. Oh and have you seen that wicked hair? An ordinary man surely can’t do that with his hair. I’ve tried, for a couple of hours.

so dudes...
what do you think??
a metro sexual guy is 100 percently is not a homosexual guy..
so girls
what's your opinion??
yo want a good looking guys or "selekeh" type with some body's odour??

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should have songs in my mp3

these are all my favourite songs which i will played it everytimes i turned on my mp3 or laptop

  • Best In Me, Back Someday (Blue)
  • It's All About You (McFly)
  • Breaking The Habit, From The Inside (Linkin Park)
  • Moves Like Jagger, Stereo Heart, Wont Go Home Without You  (Maroon 5)
  • Perfect Two, All About Him (Auburn)
  • Count On Me, Talking To The Moon, Grenade (Bruno Mars)
  • Everything I do (Bryan Adams)
  • Rhythm Of Love, Welcome To Mystery (Plain White T's)
  • Perfect, Welcome To My Life, Untitled (Simple Plan)
  • Amber (311)
  • Best Of Me, Pieces (Sum41)
  • Bless The Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
  • Do I Make You Proud (Taylor Hicks)
  • Light On (David Cook)
  • Hey Soul Sister, If It's Love, Drop Of Jupiter (Trains)
  • Resistance, Neutron Star Collision (Muse)
  • Memori Cinta Luka (Nasier Wahab)
  • Memori Bahagia (Sahri)
  • Warkah Berlagu Pilu, Aku Pencintamu (Felix)
  • Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah (Ibnor Riza)
  • Khatimah Cinta, Tanpa, Tak Bisa Memilihmu (6ixth Sense)
  • Saat Terakhir, Jangan Pernah Berubah (ST12)
  • Cinta Seorang Teman (Bob)
  • Pada Syurga Diwajahmu (Lefthanded)
  • Percaya Padaku (Ungu)
  • Niskala (Azri)
  • Hatiku Milikmu (Nera)
  • Kisah Dongeng (Stacy)
  • Cinta Terakhir (Aiman)

my choice
hope you'll enjoy peeps
for latest chart of music you can search on Billboard or MTVAsia
for malay songs on HotFM or

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addicted to this song


In the night I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

How could you be so cold?
As the winter wind when it breeze yo
Just remember that you talkin' to me though
You need to watch the way you talkin' to me though

I mean after all the things that we've been through
I mean after all the things we got into
Yo, I know of some things that you ain't told me
Yo, I did some things but that's the old me

Now you wanna get me back and you gon' show me
So you walk around like you don't know me
You got a new friend, I got homies
In the end it's still so lonely

In the night I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

How could be so Dr. Evil?
You're bringin' out a side of me that I don't know
I decided we weren't goin' speak so
Why we up 3 a.m. on the phone?

Why does she be so mad at me for?
Homie, I don't know, she's hot and cold
I won't stop, won't mess my groove up
'Cause I already know how this thing go

You run and tell your friends you're leavin' me
They say that they don't see what you see in me
You wait a couple months and you gonna see
You'll never find nobody better than me

In the night I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

Talk and talk and talk and talk
Baby let's just knock it off
They don't know what we been through
They don't know 'bout me and you

So I got somethin' new to see
You just gon' keep hatin' me
And we just gonna be enemies

I know you can't believe
I could just leave it wrong
And you can't make it right
So I'ma take off tonight into the night

Hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

Hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

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Backstabber !!!

According to Urban Dictionary which retrieved from hahahha (unreliable source) BEL311, it can be defined as :

"People who you think are friends but then they attempt in causing your downfall."
EX. Dominic is a frickin' backstabber.

"someone who acts like your friend, pretends they care about you then purposely continues to carry out actions that they know hurt you"
EX. continuing to sleep with someone you're in love with then calling you one of their 'best friends'

"A person who pretends to be a friend, but then betrays you"
EX. Trust No one!! life's full of backstabbers

freakin afraid to be labelled as a BACKSTABBER
Ya Allah, put me away from this
i don't wanna be a backstabber or someone who'd been back stabbed either
Nauzubillah hi min zalik..
this thing put me in dilemma
if we got too many info or secrets to carry with, afraid that it'll slipped away through our tongue accidentally
sometimes we accidentally said sumthing that we aren't supposed to say rite?
then it hurts people around us
so?? what to do??
why should we meddle and messing around with people's probs??

busy-body i thought or to show some heroic action??
then people will labeling us as a backstabber??
i admit that I'm not a nice person but I'm not that mean
i still love my frens and people around me
but this life kinda gettin complex from day to day

understand me please
sometimes i feel tired to take care people's heart and feeling
life's hard
I'm trying my best to face every single days with a courageous heart
don't underestimate me
I'll try to fix everything to make it as usual
I'm not not a backstabber and trying my best not to be one of it
I'm praying to Allah to guide me to the right path
hatred is a state of our heart
careful bout that
take our time and think about it...
don't expect toooooo much from me
cause i afraid that I'll let u down...
I'm not a perfect person and sorry i cant be perfect!!

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we luv u MOM!!

before my final was started
i went home during study week
to release and reduce some tension at college
campus life tons of problems and troubles
so complex....
so during the break my bro came back from Selangor
he's teaching at Kuala Selangor
still single and available

actually he was planning a surprise birthday party to our beloved mom
without telling me anything...huh....
it's okay
everything was sponsored by him
we cooked nasi ayam, my bro's recipe
i just lend my hand
as a result ..... lunch with nasi ayam + cheese cake
happy birthday mom
may Allah bless in everything you do
nothing cant change our love to you
you're the biggest supporter in our life
Abah also...
I'm totally glad to be in this family
to be someone like now...
thanks for teaching and guiding me to the right path...
nothing can repay all your good deeds...
may Allah do so...

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"the angry bird"

after a tiring day around KB
we went to Rantau Panjang...convoying with 3 cars (MyVi, Gen2 and kancil)
credited to Idi, Mellin and Mirul for the cars...

damn handsome...only the spectacle la...

after gathering at my house around 10, we departed to RP.
my mission to RP.... ANGRY BIRD huahua...
round...round...round... and round
2 angry birds was shot down hahah


damn those birds

the head-hunter
i was totally satisfied with my hunting
around RP....

colgate or darlie??


nice view





yak boktam

from RP, we went to Pantai Sri Tujoh
observing the nature, but the beach was not a really nice view to see..

sponsored sweet-corn


the beast (buruk bebonar)
went home from the beach around 6pm..
at nite....chimchum at Food Village...
it was my 3rd times to go there
so sorry to my lil bro, Amin coz not bring you there
next time k bro, promise...
all of them was satisfied but for me...not worth eating coz i've already ate too much at Mek's house...
so full... RM25 was flying without wing btw everyone was happy....


dine with the death


the excitement clearly be seen

that's all
a tiring 2 days
but at the end of the days everyone was happy
i wish i could have more money and more time...
i wanna buy anything and I'm a kinda shopaholics
it's me, myself and the my own world
credited to all of you guys
Mellin, McDa, Nuha, Mimie, Sherry, As, Idi, Matdin, Paih, Afieq and Matwe...
and not forgetting Mek for the lunch....
love you all


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it was an EPIC holiday...yuhuu !!!!

sem3 was over.. it was totally awesome dude...
kinda stress and full of pressure this sem..
hate it, it made me cry a lot..sigh... sissy? nope.. kinda a lil bit pressure with my own self..
holiday was starting on 7th Oct officially cause our last paper was on 6th Oct which was BIO200.
it was an okay paper, i slept at 3 with Amin revising our last minutes lect's notes..damn fun rite hahah.
let's talk bout holiday laa... forget all bout studying stuffs..


we went home from KT at 4pm on 7th. damn fun, all six of us rode on the same bus huhu.
i brought 2 of Ganung people back to my house.. actually it's quite ok.. seems there's only me in that house kinda boring and lonely sometimes got nothing to do....

 6 of us consist of : me (the handsome)
                             afieq (the coffee bean)
                             mat we (tourist from mainland of China)
                             mat din (the castle architect)
                             beduh (the twin headed dragon)
                             faez (the F&N)

Reading culture among the U students..good2...

so hi-tech, can watch movie although in the bus..hurm...

...observing the nature la man...
it almost took us bout 3 hours and half to reach my sweet hometown..kinda exhausted with the journey but so happy to meet my parent...jet lag?? hahah
on the next day we started our trip around kb

there's nothing special bout KB....just mall and soon..
thanks to Idi coz providing transport to go there.. i still cant drive the car...
at KBmall we just hanging around since it was Saturday, public holiday and kinda crowded with people especially the students for outing..
i felt proud of myself to see my juniors from Faris Petra, they were having their own T's for
during our time, baju batik biru tu je la.. there's words "Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi" at the back of the shirt, superb cool...
i never had a chance to wear those shirt.. but thanks to all my teachers cause making me a good human..
back to our topic
after hanging around and watching people's behavior, we run for bowling's tournament...
"longkang" of course...
i managed to be on 4th place with 104 points, only 1 point make a differ with the 3rd place...
i'm not good in that actually..

husband supporting his sweet... (background)

kpop playing bowling??

 after we ended up the game, we then moved to PCB..
dinner time
having dinner by the seashore so romantic..but with these guys?? they were ruining the atmosphere..
no fun at all..joking...
it was raining at that moment..
after maghrib all of us went home happily and tiredly...awesome...
i slept soundly, but Afieq and Matwe continue playing PS2 till midnight,  they were burning some midnight oil, i think...
hard to believe, they were so excited to play wrestling hahah...

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