Backstabber !!!

According to Urban Dictionary which retrieved from hahahha (unreliable source) BEL311, it can be defined as :

"People who you think are friends but then they attempt in causing your downfall."
EX. Dominic is a frickin' backstabber.

"someone who acts like your friend, pretends they care about you then purposely continues to carry out actions that they know hurt you"
EX. continuing to sleep with someone you're in love with then calling you one of their 'best friends'

"A person who pretends to be a friend, but then betrays you"
EX. Trust No one!! life's full of backstabbers

freakin afraid to be labelled as a BACKSTABBER
Ya Allah, put me away from this
i don't wanna be a backstabber or someone who'd been back stabbed either
Nauzubillah hi min zalik..
this thing put me in dilemma
if we got too many info or secrets to carry with, afraid that it'll slipped away through our tongue accidentally
sometimes we accidentally said sumthing that we aren't supposed to say rite?
then it hurts people around us
so?? what to do??
why should we meddle and messing around with people's probs??

busy-body i thought or to show some heroic action??
then people will labeling us as a backstabber??
i admit that I'm not a nice person but I'm not that mean
i still love my frens and people around me
but this life kinda gettin complex from day to day

understand me please
sometimes i feel tired to take care people's heart and feeling
life's hard
I'm trying my best to face every single days with a courageous heart
don't underestimate me
I'll try to fix everything to make it as usual
I'm not not a backstabber and trying my best not to be one of it
I'm praying to Allah to guide me to the right path
hatred is a state of our heart
careful bout that
take our time and think about it...
don't expect toooooo much from me
cause i afraid that I'll let u down...
I'm not a perfect person and sorry i cant be perfect!!

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  1. aloh2..kot omputis nah...
    ilex2..i'm afraid 2

  2. Not only a friends can be a backstabber, even relatives fact they're even worst than a friends you know for a long time. Because it's hard to imagine your own bloodline and a family would hurt you such a strong intuition and make you like an idiot and laugh after giving them a sincere hug when you meet them.