"the big family of us"

it's kinda boring just to stay on the BIO's note only..
let release some tension..
now introducing my UiTM's family....
tho who interested to these guys..you can contact directly to me via...hahaha

~standing in unity~

slim konon... hahaha

the gediks "ayin"

..the coffee bean..

the taiko and also te otai in our group

wth you think you're so damn cute???
my beloved lil bro
i caused him so much trouble..sigh...sorry

the trios who always made chaos an riot in our house
1Malaysia it supposed to be..
matdin beduh matwe

the only and the handsome big bro..
no need to be introduced..
handsome enough hahaha poyos..
thanks guys u made my days colorful
it's only me, the one who created so much trouble to all of u
i got so much probs in handling my own stress and anger..
i'll try to fix myself..
please support me in whatever condition i'm in..

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