SKJP2 is ohhhhhhhhhhsooooooooooomeeeee

being a teacher, i discovered some fun facts along my staying in SKJP2 that i find kinda interesting.
here are some facts i find interesting as being a teacher :
  • i learned on how to write the lesson's notes... pergh... totally not-so-cool. i need to plan well before teaching the students. i found it troublesome,  cause it need to be submitted on every Friday so that the headmaster can check and see our progress. HOMEWORK!
  • it was a strange feeling when the students started to call me "Cikgu!" for the first time. a feeling that cannot be expressed by words.
  •  i realized that to be a teacher, we need to always have at least a red pen and a black/blue pen in our pocket. it's a compulsory. to sign attendance, checking student's homework and etc..
  • SKJP2 is situated exactly in front of UiTM Jengka. thus, many of my students are the child of UiTM's staffs or lecturers.
  •  though we, as a teacher, punished the student they wouldn't hold grudge to us. they knew we were educating them and not scolding them without no reason.
  • it's hard to ensure the student to understand what we were teaching about in front of the class...sigh... xnak ler syok sesorng je kat dpn kelas.
  • students keep asking me whether i was married or not?? am i too old to look like a married guy?? haha. my answer "i've already married with 4 children!" hahah.
  • Cikgu Sharizul keep bullying me all the time and called me P. Ramlee... whadda... but i know it's just a joke. i accept it as a compliment heheh.
  • there are about 10++ males teachers in that school and we're totally damn hot hahaha exaggerating.
  • cause of the maternal leaves of Cikgu Maizziah, only Cikgu Safuan and i were the only Science teacher in that school. SUPERB hehehe
  • mostly of the teachers can speak Kelate, and most of the them were married and already have children.
  • to be a teacher, we need to be well-prepared and well-organized. don't be too clumsy and always asking other opinions first before deciding our decision.
  • right now, i prefer studying than working. incomparable. totally sucks in the working atmosphere though i tried to cope with it. i think i did well but not like it.
  • i hate Thursday cause packed with classes and need to wear batik. batik is not a biggie but on that day it gonna be the most tiring day ever in my life.
  • i love and waited Friday on every week. dunno why!!
  • during my first week, i was totally lost and get blurred. no ones to guide me since i'm only depend on Cikgu Safuan on everything. my sister could not help me cause we're totally in the different area.
  • being creative is the most crucial part to be a good and dedicated teacher. cause they enjoyed different way of teaching.
  • kids were like the little fashion police, they were observing what we wear, what we smells and how we looks as we entered the class. lil monster rite?? kecik-kecik dah pandai.
  • being a teacher is such a noble job, but i'm not into it. i have no passion in it, i'm not a good educator.
  • on the 16th May, i got 30++ presents from my student... terharu gak sposen.. i'm just a subs and never asking or wondering bout it.
  • it was my first experience being a teacher and also my first time celebrating teacher's day as a teacher and not as a student. feeling happy cause being celebrated??
  • 3DN1, 3DN2, 4DR1, 4DR2, 5DE2 and 6DT3 will always be in my heart... kelas budok-budok nakal hahaha.
  • muke aku jer nampak otai tp dalam hati, full with kebun-kebun bunga yang sedang berkembang, that's why the students not afraid to me at all.
  • gonna miss my sleep early and wake up early hour to school, missing my gosok baju sedunia time soon.
  • i learned sooooooo much on how to photocopy the worksheets for students. first time i  used photostat machine...excited giler....
  • i admit that kedai 2 ringgit berbaloi giler if we becoming a teacher. if you know what i mean.....

p/s: it was a memorable journey... i can hardly forget bout it. thank you sooooooo much for SKJP2
      family  for giving me an opportunity to feel the real working atmosphere.

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Bittersweet SKJP2

Assalamualaikum peeps
i'm totally freed now huhuhu
2 months of bittersweet experiences was ended
9th April till 25th May
a lil bit sad + glad = mixed feeling
here is some pics along my staying at SKJP2
just enjoy it......

p/s: to be continued....XOXO...

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The Avengers Fuh....!

Assalamualaikum peeps
tomorrow's Teacher's Day yuhuuuu
why am i so excited??
the reason is not because of the presents la but.... no need to teach for another day hahaha
dapat hadiah ke?? no la i'm just a sub lorh...
for this post i would like to make some movie's review on the new-box-office-king-movie
of course la beb THE AVENGERS....fuh... i loike

though it's sound childish but i'm totally enjoy the movie
2 and half hours was totally a worth paying, worth going and worth watching movie
i went to StarMall, Mentakab GSC a day after the movie was released
early bird lorh...
kinda ok and love it
my nephews were damn into it hahah
kinda funny when it was their first time to enter the cinema to watch movie

if you wanna watch this movie, it's advised for you to watch Thor first
to understand more bout the conflict between Loki and Thor
glad i've already watch Thor! so i'm kinda understand the clash between the characters
actually the story quite same with other superheroes movie
what makes it better cause it gathered many popular characters and superheroes in a movie
for me it's totally a brilliant idea
the best character is Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.
he's a versatile and a good actor
a credit should be given to him for his work

p/s: thanks to my big bro for sponsoring through all the day, from Cowboy untill StarMall McD...
      msuk gaji nati turn ak lak tp dunno when hahaha...

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Assalamualaikum peeps
this post might be toooooo late for talking bout our last sems result
result for UiTM dip's student was on 27th May
mine?? dont ask
just an okay but it's worth with my effort
i studied that much and i got that much
Thanks to Allah for His blessing

just wanna wish congrat to all my friends for your flying colours result
rumours said that many of DiSA's student got 4 flat yuhuuuu
i'm not one of them heheh
next sem InsyaAllah
alhamdulillah this sem there'll be more of AS student to go to MAKA
Go DiSA Go!
your hard work were paid off and you're really deserve to treat yourself well for your effort

this is not riak or berlagak or bajet pandai
dont care what people says we the one who deserve for it rite??
lantak diorg la nak kate aper...
Man Jadda Wa Jadda
remember it!
For You,
Congrat on your result
you deserve it
i'm doing nothing to you, you the one who worked hard
no need to thank me...

p/s: all work hard paid off... towards ANC InsyaAllah... another 2 sems to go...

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