Assalamualaikum peeps
this post might be toooooo late for talking bout our last sems result
result for UiTM dip's student was on 27th May
mine?? dont ask
just an okay but it's worth with my effort
i studied that much and i got that much
Thanks to Allah for His blessing

just wanna wish congrat to all my friends for your flying colours result
rumours said that many of DiSA's student got 4 flat yuhuuuu
i'm not one of them heheh
next sem InsyaAllah
alhamdulillah this sem there'll be more of AS student to go to MAKA
Go DiSA Go!
your hard work were paid off and you're really deserve to treat yourself well for your effort

this is not riak or berlagak or bajet pandai
dont care what people says we the one who deserve for it rite??
lantak diorg la nak kate aper...
Man Jadda Wa Jadda
remember it!
For You,
Congrat on your result
you deserve it
i'm doing nothing to you, you the one who worked hard
no need to thank me...

p/s: all work hard paid off... towards ANC InsyaAllah... another 2 sems to go...

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  1. Congratulation to you as well coz had succeed to maintain yourself in the Dean List.. It is a hard work too, right? as you mention above, it s paid off! so, be prepare to attending MAKA next sem.. ^^ i'm proud of you,my best friend or chinggu =)

    1. Alhamdulillah
      His willing..
      thanks bro
      will always be..
      thanks to you too for supporting me in a good and bad condition