Assalamualaikum peeps...
long time no see...
*bajet ramai yg bace blog ni..hahaha*
it's been the busiest time in my life.. sigh..
sometimes i admit that i hate being in the working atmosphere
maybe i'm not ready yet
it's almost 3 weeks now
sometimes ok and sometime ko
loooooooooooooooooooooorh sooooooo tireeeeedddd maaaaaa!!!
my everyday's routine now was totally isn't cool at all
i'm not ready yet to work kot...
i think i enjoying studying damn much
in fact, i'm not studying to be a teacher kan??
i was born to be a scientist looooo
gonna share my everyday routine now as a damn-good-looking teacher hahah
wake-up as early at 6 a.m. and sleep at 11 p.m. EVERYDAY!!!

morning- assembly, mengajor, lunch then balik
evening- homework sket, xpon tgk movie.
nite- as a tutor for my nephews from year 1 till form 3, bagus Pak Sedare die heheh

morning- xde pape yg menarik, masuk then kuar kelas
evening- extra class for UPSR, damn exhausted until 3.30 p.m.
nite- tutor's time

morning- extra-co or club's day, then mengajor, back home
evening- tido or movie or badminton
nite- tutor lg...

morning- the day that i dont want to enter the class plus BAJU BATIK... kelas bebudak quite hyper.. tensen gop aku kekadang tp sabo jela.. dugaan bekerja.. da la kelas pack hrito...
evening- tido and so on....
nite- TUTOR
mostly my year 3 and 4 students are all like this...

morning- the best day in a week, half day working yuhuuuu
evening- resting moment..
nite- EST ( extra sleeping time)

morning till nite- lepak-ing's day..

morning till evening- lepak or jejalan
nite- HARI MENGGOSOK SEDUNIA (stock for the whole week damn useful to pile up for a whole week), tido awl coz esok nak masuk keje...

p/s: just wanna share my routine.. quite boring but totally exhausted in a whole week. i can image how tired the working people.. those in the govt's sector...damn tired lorh... ready or not?? we're gonna face it soon..
siyesly i dont wanna be a teacher, a big NO! it's fun but teaching is not in my soul..... sorry...
to all my friends, sorry for neglecting you peeps... damn busy.. hope you'll understand

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it's almost a week!!

hye peeps
almost a week already la der
i've been working as a teacher at SKJP2
excited to go to class every morning

actually it's kinda funny
hard to define my feeling when the first time they were calling me "cikgu"

i teach Science for standard 3,4,5 and extra class for standard 6
pergh... guru cemerlang....
also teach KT and PSK...
ntah pape, aku sendiri pon xtau pape bndalah tu

sometimes i keep doubting my ability that can i be a good teacher??
the most xbleh blah moment is when i was teaching my nephew's class
sometimes i got used to call the name at home
it was my first time as a teacher la kan..
sometimes i got blurred in class
but alhamdulillah still can back up all my mistakes
being a teacher is totally-damn-hard
i admit it
need to wake up early
need to sleep as early 11pm
everyday gosok kemeja
nite before the class need to prepare some stuffs to be used during P&P
never think that i'm able to do so..
but alhamdulillah everything going well till now
my profession is not a teacher, i'm still a student
but seem i'm enjoying my work rite now
kdg-kdg rase budak kecik ni annoying sesangat but i take a deep breath a think positively
"budak-budak" need to be patient with them

to all my friends..
sorry guys, i'm totally busy
my bad for neglecting all of you...
new sem getting started sooooooooooon
sabor ek...

p/s: hargailah jasa guru... siyesly... skang aku btol2 rase pergh memang besar tugas seorang guru...
      thanks to all my teachers for teach me to be a "person" rite now...

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can i be a good educator??

the geek
Assalamualaikum peeps..
seems my blog is kinda quiet for a while
actually my semester holide just get started lorh..
it's almost 2 month breaks
it seems a long semester i thought..
some of my frens are working, loathing, sleeping at home
qada' all the activities that we couldn't accomplish during the study time
for me...
up until now, i'm doing nothing
actually i'm applying to a subs teacher at my sister's school
cuak gak sposen
kak long told me my chances to get the job is almost 90%
can i be a good teacher??
i think i'm no good in teaching..
so....what the hell???
yang ko pegi gatal mintak tu pehal der???
takot dow...seriously....
i might be teaching the primary school student
primary school pon still student rite??

bukan memain ni...
da pening pale hotak den duk pikir
i think this might be a good exposure for me towards the working atmosphere that i'm gonna fit in soon
so better give a shot...
mane la tau rezeki duk kat situ ke
i've never expexted myself to be a teacher or an educator
coz rite now i'm aiming to be a good dentist, InsyaAllah
people might says that i'm good in my study then i can teach the people easily
that's not rite la...
there are certain people they're good in their study but they're not good in teaching other people
accept the fact
camner ni wey???
kalu kna ajar Science, Math or English ok kot
but if the other subjects mati ak...
actually still dunno the exact result
tomorrow kak long will call for confirmation
if i'm in it means that tomorrow by hook or by crook i need to go back to Terengganu
all my shirts, trousers and ties are there
never been expecting to work during my sem's break
abehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh semester's break ak...
sabo je la
to others, enjoy your holide still you can okai...
p/s: Running Man best kot... totally awesomes...nice show...

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