A Remember To Dear Heart...

mending a broken heart

Dear Heart,
Feelings can take over a person in a heartbeat,
People learn how to demolish them in a blink of an eye,
Face every problem head on.

Dear Heart,
The feeling no one can ever control is LOVE,
It's a deep true feeling,
No one can deny it.

Dear Heart,
Read this entry thoroughly, open your heart, mind and soul when you read this,
I heart you everytime,
I've been mean to you and i knew it.

Dear Heart,
It's hard to define the real feeling in you,
Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we hurt the most,
Don't love the other heart just because of her look cause it won't last.

Dear Heart,
Love she just the way she is rite now,
Accept any weakness that she has willingly,
Don't do something just because of lust.

Dear Heart,
Pray for Allah for you to keep and stay calm
He knew what's best for you
Insyallah together, we'll find our way...

p/s: thanks to my secret admirer for giving me an inspiration to post this (ader secret admirer ke??)
      no plagiarism from the net
      love is just a feeling, we the  who manipulate it
      don't let it controls us
      a note from a loner, myself...
      i keep wondering why heart should color pink or red??

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Science Students???

Assalamualikum peeps..
kinda busy lately, this week and next week, days are fully booked by replacement and extra classes, quizzes and tests..
next week is the last "learning" week for this sem then towards the final..
tomorrow got BIO's test and my brain are getting BIOL rite now lorh..
endocrine, immune ad support system love all of you damn much muahhhhhh...
back to the topic, that's the life of sci student in my campus, other campus dunno how...
we kinda busy all the time, that's why people keep calling us the nerdy type
but do you know how hard we struggle??
DAMN HARD!!!!!!!!

but that's life as a student and it's part of our obligations, no need to complaint lorh
being a sci student is kinda cool (poyo plus koya's mood heheh)
studying absolutely and totally hard
i admit that
it's so hard to keep maintaining the good pointer and the grades lorh..
mine keep falling from sem to another sem..
keep the spirit alive and never stop fighting...
enough here!!
wanna upload some pics cause pics rather can tell more story than the words rite??

p/s: pray for my success for tomorrow and this Saturday's test!!
      Insyallah i'll keep trying my best..
      mood : happy cause everything is kinda settle lately...alhamdulillah...

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Picnic Time Meh!!

Assalamulaikum peeps
actually kinda busy finishing lab reports yang menimbun
curi mase sket nak upload some pics..huhuhu
here are some pics taken during our class picnic, AS1204C Feb2012
you'll rock dudes.. especially bler maen tepung..
memang PERGH!!
talking so much...
enjoy the pics

Event : A day with our PA (Penasihat Akademik; Mr Hafiz Hussim aka our PHY's Lect)
Venue : Lagun Kuala Ibai, KT
Date : 17 Feb. 2012
Time : 12pm-6pm
Participants : 25 of AS1204Crians plus Mr. Kopi

p/s: thanks a lot to our Ketua Projek, Al Am and committees, Khenkhen and others
      pja for games... ohsomes...hahaha... remember abg aaron okay
      gift changing ceremony...shuke2...
      hope everyone's happy
      thanks to SaleMON for the delicious nasi ayam..
      sape kate budak2 kelas C skema?? meh sini nak tunjuk..
      excel in academic, enjoy during leisure lorh...
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sape nak couple?? come..come...

Assalamualaikum peeps..
wanna make couple??
come lorh let me give you some tips
*aku pon xde makwe...* so saaaaaaddd..
clash maaa xde jodoh between us
s'okay my mistakes, forgive me..
nah.. forget bout it!!!

now i'm goin to share with all of you peeps on how to get a perfect couple for you
i got inspired by Salma, she showed to me the article when we were in the library
the article in Anis's magazine i think..

i'm not a pious person but i'm trying to be one of that person
i'm a sinful, problematic, shameless person
i admit that i made a lot of mistakes, but it's not late for me to perform a taubat rite??
we need to change from good to better, from better to the best
this is a new knowledge for me, wanna share my interest..
the article was written by Noor Hajidah Hassan
interviewed Dato' Ustazah Nor Bahyah and her hubby, Ustaz Wan Akashah..
alaaaa yang Semanis Kurma tue...
manis x kurma ini???
the article is in malay, but i rojak-ing it babeh...

  •  Praying to Allah After Performing Solat (5 times a day) 
After performing the solat, dont forget to ask Allah to meet you with a nice and understanding person to be by your side.Start to ask from now cause Allah love hamba2nya yang selalu meminta dariNya.. Dont ever give up okay..
  • Praying the Doa During in the Middle of the Night
Our Prophet, Rasululllah S.AW, in His Hadith had said that by performing solat sunat and doa during the middle of the nite (especially Qiamullail) it's the most mustajab time for Allah to grant all our wishes especially something relating about relationship.
  • Asking the Doa From Both of Our Parent
Doa from both of our parent will help to facilitate us in finding our jodoh.. Doa from the parent is crucial to ensure our happiness in the future.
  • Fasting on Our Birthday
According to the article, this fasting is called as "puasa hajat". By fasting puasa hajat it shows and indicate the day we were firstly born which was still pure and away from any our sins, thus Allah will permudahkan segala hajat kita.
  • Performing Solat Sunat Taubat
We were encouraged to perform solat sunat taubat in the middle of the night first before we praying to Allah to grant or finding our jodoh. To ask any forgiveness from HIM before we asking any helps from HIM.
  • Asking Permission and Blessing From Both of Our Parent
The blessing from our parent is the most important and crucial part in finding our jodoh. Without their blessing, our relationship with him/her might got some troubles in the future. "The heaven for the son/daughter is situated at our mother's sole feet" ...Directly translated of "syurga dibawah telapak kaki ibu" huhuhu.
  • Always practicing daily doa
Surah Yusuff (ayat 4)
Surah al-Qasas (ayat 24)
Dont give up on doa if Allah doesn't grant your wish on time.. Allah loves their Hamba whose asking for his favor continuosly a.k.a istiqamah.
  • Always Performing Solat Hajat
The last step is performing solat hajat. This will facilitate our journey of searching and meeting the rite person for the rest of our life. We just planned, Allah will determined everything for us.

p/s: lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita yang baik..
      find the rite person not just based on their beauty only, but look deeply into their heart
      don't do something just because of lust, do it as pure and as sincere as we can..
      hope Allah will find a right person for me, Insyallah..
      for you, i'm totally sorry we end in the middle of our sweetness memories, sorry... HE knew better.

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a little treat for the hardship

Assalamualaikum peeps
not gonna say much
as stated in the title
enjoy the pics
Venue : Permai Inn, KT
Date : 14th Feb 2012
Credited Pics :  Ayin, Khenna, my broken Satio

 p/s: hoping can maintain my pointer lorh
      small prob?? get rid out of my life
      won't think about it and i don't hold any grudge
      May Allah bless my journey, only He knew the hardship and how much i suffered through this moment
      people tend to judge us by our outer surface but do they know the truth??
      all the pics aren't to be bragged off but for self motivation only

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stay the same

Assalamualaikum peeps..
A very good Jumaat morning lorh..
today i'm gonna having a picnic with my classmates... excited...
i'm trying to get all the probs from my mind... kinda releasing it
enough is enough
today i'm gonna share 1 of my favourite song during my high school's year
APEZ... (if you're reading this entry!!)
lagu time motivational camp dulu
Stay The Same???
Abg Raja?? do you still remember??
you're totally addicted and soooooo into it rite
ak bru tau singer die Joey Mcintyre..
this song is kinda moderate and just a soooo-sooo
but the words behind the song... meaningful...
for the emo-identity-troublemaker like me
it fits me a lot
"to Afiq"
this song might fit our feeling
we just need to believe in ourselves don't wish we were someone else
just enjoy it
the background music in my blog can be paused
sorry for the inconvenient...

p/s: i'm such a problematic person and I KNEW IT!!
      life aren't that great, but we need to enjoy to the fullest
      there's no way to escape any probs in this world..
      astalavista bebehhh...

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mirror mirror on the wall...

portraying myself
you can put the blame on me
yup... honestly
i'm the one to blame..
if you're reading this
i'm reflecting my own self
find my mistakes and try to correct it
wanna forget all the memories between us? go ahead it's your choice
i'm not going to mad at you
have a nice day, nice journey, nice life..
i'm soooo sick of taking care of other people's feeling
but mine??
anyone cares??
enough with this thing...
please erase all the memories between us and starting from this day onwards...
you're completely a stranger to me

sorry for everything
may Allah bless all the good deeds you did to me..
thanks a lot
i'm respecting you as a good friend
babaiiiii friend...

p/s: bak kate meso ngn bull, feeling like a jerk trying to fight with his hormone??
      not estrogen, but testosterone laa
      don't worry i'm gonna be okay soon
yeah baby...

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