you can put the blame on me

eyes getting tired, but i made myself stronger to study physics for tomorrow's test
actually i feel guilty for everything i've done and all the thing i've said
yeah i honestly and humbly admit that i made a lot of mistakes in judging peoples around me
for you,
i admit you were my best buddy before
you used to be that person that i cared most
i thought we were bff but in the middle of our friendship you'd suddenly changed and makes me wonder is it because of me?? is it my fault?? am i doing anything wrong??
if you're uncomfortable or unwilling to be friend with me just say it
i'm gonna be okay, won't bothering your life anymore
we used to be like this

you did lot of things to me, i owed you a lots
silence is not the best solution between our prob
i admit i'm the troublemaker here, always cause you a headache
i sacrificed a lot to you, and you never said even once  "thank you" to me
kinda hurt dudes
sometimes i got too carried away with my own feelings and emotions...emotional...
you need to understand me
i won't betrayed or back-stabbed you don't worry dudes
i'm not that bad or evil
still have my humanity
i'm also a human, not a robot
still have my feelings to be taken care of
thinking bout you caused lot of stress to me??
why do i need to do so??
keep asking myself, i also dunno why
for some reason i feel betrayed, that's why i'm trying to avoid from you
how can a friend laugh at his friend when he did something useless and bad in his life??
you think it's funny?? i ruined my own moral just because to keep my promise towards you
but do you care but me??

i tried to get rid of you in my life though it's the hardest thing i've done
at least i'm trying
please forgive me for everything i've done
thanks dudes for being my greatest though in a short period of time
i try my best not to interfere your life anymore
be happy okay..
Allah know what's best for us
just wait the time
let it pass by slowly

p/s: thanks for the good time we were together, you're such a good friend.
      i know you can't be like me, and i can't change yourself to be me
      we're 2 differently attitudes people rites?
      this is life, need to accept it, learn to live in it
      sorry for everything.........

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