I'm Wide Awake

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps
tetibe meroyan nak buat entri blog
memang tetibe je...adeihhhh
hahaha actually da tertido, then due to some issues i woke up restlessly
aku ni kalau bab tdo ni mmg cerewet sket
kalau da tersedar tdo tu mmg susah nak tdo balik
yela cam terganggu sket

panas hati gak
tp nak mrh kat sape??
dah mate ni xmo tdo
sabo jela....
dah beralih kat 2,3 tempat but i still can't fall sleep back
habeskan Running Man confirm tdo kot pasni
naseb baek da start weekend, klu x nak marah gak gua kalau pagi2 esok ader kelas lak tu
esok byk planning ni nak kejar sujud sejadah la, nak g jogging la
entah-entah sumer ke laut je ni adeihhhhh
susahnyer den nak tdo

this week is such a hectic week
i got 3 quizzes and a test in a row
naseb baek quiz je, test lak objektif je
heaven kot aku tembak menembak
almaklumla test phy ni xde final, so time test kna gak ar skor gile-gile disamping ngn projek konkrit ak yang still terbengkalai tu
In shaa Allah next week gonna finish up everything
susah kot jd Team Leader, kna bg tugas, well-organize, kalau aku malas habis la team members laen
Alhamdulillah this sem i got a super-amazing-rajin group member
Tiey, Sue & Husni
kekadang terasa malu lak coz diorg ni terlebih rajin pada aku
sorry guyss
kekadang tu terasa xmembantu pon ader
lelaki besela PEMALAS!!
sabo la kawan-kawan ngn kerenah aku
only bout a few weeks je lg, then kite bebas merdeka tuk 5bulan kotttt
okla cukup sudah ak merapu plus meroyan ni
jom masuk tdo la
ni satu lg entri merapu dri ak

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Segmen Blogwalking oleh Blog BingkisanHati

Assalamualaikum peeps
first time try blogwalking & join segmen

i follow....

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Keeping the memory!!

Assalamualaikum wbt.
actually this post is specially dedicated to one of my best-ever-friend-on earth, Afieq Kopipes

have a blast,
 actually i'm trying to be creative
ko tau la, ak ni bkn stakat kaki bangku, tangan pon bkn stakat bangku, tp kerusi, meja, blackboard
means that, ak ni xcreative langsung la
i tried to create a birthday card but it was totally a disaster
then, i think that drpd ak duk buat kad bg kat ko then ko buang card ak merata-rata
better for me to preserve my wish towards you in this blog
so then you can view my blog whenever, wherever, whatsover lah you're thinking bout me
this will keep our memories forever n ever
ceitttt ayat cam couple lak hahaha xde makne broooo
i'm totally glad to have you as my best buddy for 3years of my staying in KT
we've been roommate for 3 consecutive years
we faced toooooo much bittersweet memories together
not even once i'm bored listening to your drama Mustika HD all over gain, though it keep repeating every single day, week, month and also years
seriously i'm glad to have you by my side cause we always shared the same prob that quite not understandable by other people around us
only you that have same senses with me and quite understanding with my demanding attitude
i admit that
i'm not a good listener
i'm not a good advisor
i'm not a good companion
i'm not "a friend in need is a friend indeed" type
however you always be with with me and we faced our everyday life with our bravest heart together
thank you dudes
endless gratitude to you
In Shaa Allah i'm gonna graduate soon, and we only have a few weeks to spend together now
it's totally gonna be the hardest moment for us to separate in order to pursue our dream in different path
we need to keep strong, In Shaa Allah i'll always keep in touch with you though distance gonna tears us apart
i'm hoping the best wishes for you
cepat-cepat grad
cepat-cepat find a suitable couple for you
cepat-cepat kawen
you need to keep strong no matter what happen to you
promise me okaiiii
life's full of unexpected result, sometimes we tend to be fooled by our own emotions that lead us to a greater depression, i've been in that situation a lot & you do know how much i suffered rite???
no matter what, keep your head held high
i don't need to buy you any present like your other friends gonna give you
it's enough for me to give something that could motivate and lead you to a happy life
that's what friend is made for
stop chasing the "SUN" that might burn us so heartlessly
keep forward and enjoy your life
i'm not writing a will here cause i'm not gonna die young heheheh
In Shaa Allah, tp tu sumer kuasa tuhan an kite xleh lawan klu bnda da tertulis camto kite xbleh nak ubah
however this post is just a simple wishes from me to you....buddy
whenever you feel down or lonely, remember of all my sayings and rajin-rajin la blogwalking kat blog aku
life's hard but try not to make it harder, it full of surprises
once again

last but not least ni part yg paling kreatif
ak dedicate gmbr ni kat ko tau
walaupon memalukan, aku upload gak gmbr ni hahaha
ni pon tarian kegembiraan, kaloh la Gagnam's Style ngn Harlem Shake yg ntah pape tuh



hahahahha xleh blah

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Bila org dah benci..

Assalamualaikum peeps.
Pekabo korang??
Cuti laya ader okai maaa
Still not enough bro
A week seems and feels like a few days only
Kenduri...bekwoh...cukur jambul...
Makan je keje ak, diet ngn workout ak sume da ke laut
Da boroi balik da brooo
Ni baru seminggu, pasni ak nak cuti 5bln xtau la cmner nati
Dpt pgkt PJK (perut jalan kedepan) jela jwbnyerr
Okayla back to the topic, bile org da benci sooooo
Ape pndpt korang bler org da benci or korang benci kat someone
Yeah i admit that it's no need and not advisable to hate other people
Do not hold any grudge okaiii
For me, i wont hold any grudge but i'll remember what they did to me
Sakit hati???
Of course, tp kite bkn nabi but we need to practice his attitudes in our daily life
In other word as an examplary for our daily routine
Ak ni jnis klu xpuas hati ke sumthing wrong ke
I'll show it through my action
Some people might notice it, but some people just ignore it
I'm not trying to draw people attention okay
I just love the way i am doin rite now
K la ni entry mengarut jer
Babaiiii wait for another entry

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Happy CNY

Assalamualaikum peeps
Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians
Suka lorh, byk festive means byk holiday yuhuuuu
I'm having a week haliday rite now & it's totally awesome dudes
I can rest my mind for a few days before going to struggle back for my study again
Another long trip again
May Allah ease my journey
Orait bebeh now i'm heading from jengka to kb
In shaa Allah everything's gonna be fine :-)
Btw my BB1M already been used up
Hahaha only in just one nite, ak borong kat popular trus
Nice book hunting!!
Tq Abg Jib for the sponsor...

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