Sexy, Free & Single...

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps
midsem break I'm filling my day with hibernating & cuddling in my own blanket only
pas tdo, tdo, tdo & tdo again..
monsoon season meh
ptg td jer xujan, so i grabbed this opportunity to go out for windows shopping (windows shopping je yg mampu buat mase skrg, den tgh pokaiiiii)
pak cik, nak duitttttt!!!
byk yg berkenan, tp tu sumer kehendak jer kot bukan keperluan, especially wallet John Langford td adeih...
tgk member2 duk shopping pon best gak, duk tnye opinion ak
pergh feeling like a professional fashion stylist
credit to mirul, afiq & daus


my birthday's becoming soon, growing older brooo
so prepared your gift, big birthday boy is coming.....

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Man Jadda Wajada

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps
bersawang spiderman da blog ak..
pah ceros!!
sounds too cliche to use the same old reason again & again
seriously i'm busying myself lately with debate, projects & presentation meh...
don't have time to godek-godek with my "beloved" blog
sesekali ak rase teringin gak nak ader followers reramai cam Ben Ashaari, Fatin Liyana & Maria Elena
*out of a sudden....hehehe*
they were kinda otai & mentor for me to start blogging
(actually there's thousands of famous bloggers but I only know those, besela baru nak berjinak2)
but when I think deeply, my main objective of creating this blog not to be famous, not to have many followers but to keep and spill my own thoughts and opinions here
I'm not gonna make my blog into private
sape nak follow...silakan
those who hate my nonsense writing...please go
no pressure bro...
actually for this post, cam kalimah arab kat ats tu
actually i'm just Google it, like always
"Those who worked hard, he'll be succeed"
Gtula bunyinya....

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sounds tooo old already
anak-anak yg comel
anak-anak sedara aku jela
hensem mcm pak sedara die je an...
opkosla hahaha
credit to : yayan + amad
jenuh ak mengejar korang nak suh pakai baju n amik gmbr, pusing satu mall kot

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한 남자

Assalamualaikum peeps
long time no c...
xde mood nak berblogging skang, awl2 sem need to settle down few things first
xde mende kot nak post just nak isi kekosongan masa je
sem ni kinda honeymoon phase to me.. last sem la katakan for my diploma years
4 subjects only, only 3 papers for final
xdela confident sgt tp ase cam ok kot, xde organic chemistry ok kot bg ak
i'm no good in organic chemistry
budak2 pompuan konpem suke subjek ni
2 sem ak dpt B+ jer
i tried damn hard, but rezeki xde redha jela
awl2 sem ni ak ase cam plik sgt, mebi need to adapted to few changes around me
hahaha xabes2 masalah emosi ak ni kan, mengalahkan pompuan jer heheh
awek yg slalu usha lam kelas
sesape yg slalu bc post ak mesti duk stress je bce heheh
sem last ni i wanna change a bit
azam taun baru, sem baru
xnak da masuk campur sal mslh org, duk diam2 buat keje ak je tu lg bagoissss

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ENT300 : Bob & The Bookstore

Assalamualaikum peeps
for this entry, xnak ckp byk sgt
let the pics talks more okay..
pics taken during our presentation for ENT300 (*credited to Ayin)
Bob & The Bookstore; made up of five hot, sizzling, irresistible, insatiable, gorgeous & finger lickin' good bachelors (kinda exaggerating *take note!!)
we were opening a bookstore and i'm as a Marketing Manager
ak marketing pon xtau spth hareeem hahaha
too much stress but alhamdulillah
stress gilooo kot subjek ni pabila budak2 science balaja bisness, gnila jadinyer
yuhuuu thanks Miss Nadiah, will always love you heheh

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Tips FYP BIO300 for AS120

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps
Part5 in UiTM was officially over & i still have another sem to go yuhuuuu
result pon da kuar, alhamdulillah...
praises to Allah almighty i got a better result than previous sem
ok, actually wanna share same tips regarding to BIO300 project for UiTM's diploma student especially Dip. In Science part5!!
bukan nak bangga diri ke ape, kalu korang stuck nak wat projek tuk FYP dip for this course, hope this might help a lil bit for you guys...
Alhamdulillah ak score gak ar tuk subjek ni berkat tunjuk ajar lecturer, supervisor & membe2
what's important is you need to understand what your project gonna be carried all about sbb project ni through out the whole sem, sakit kepala gak laklu nak maen tukar2..
projek simple pon xpe sbb level kite bkn nak buat bnda baru cam bdak2 degree but just an exposure on how to carry a project & intro to R&D when we're in degree later...
Furthermore, kod ni mmg xde final so kna la score kat tests, proposal, report and final presentation btol2.
Xsusah kot, just a little hard work might needed

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Assalamualaikum peeps
for this entry its title kinda "daring" isn't it??
actually, what i'm gonna share today not about that "beromen" la but it has the same sound of pronunciation with the word BROMANCE!
Bromance is 100% unrelated with "romen" that all of you fantasized or imagine in your mind
i read an article in Galaxie and Hot Magazine and i found it's interesting to share with those who still doesn't know bout this thing..
there are 2 words i found creative and me la...others, dunno!
Frenemies and Bromance
if you try to find in your thesaurus or dictionary, i'm pretty sure you won't find it
i think it's some of new words created by today's youngsters...maybe...
soooooo to make my understanding clearer then i just google it...
According to wiki,  bromance is a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy.
Homosocial : A term used to refer to relationships and situations shared by individuals of the same sex, although virtually always used exclusively to refer to relationships between men. The term has no sexual connotations, and so is very much in contrast with "homoerotic" in academic use.
Bromance is actually came from the combination of the word Brother and Romance
it's NOT a gay relationship!!
Bromance and Gay is two different condition...
Bromance is a non-sexual relationship while gay is the otherwise
so guys...
jgn senang duk buruk sangka & tuduh org bukan-bukan tanpa usul periksa
tp kadang-kadang it's make me wonder
boleh ke ad bnda camni antara lelaki???
then, let we think in a positive way
it's no wrong at all for guys to have a person or peoples around him that enable him to express or share his problem with others besides his girlfriend..
sometimes girl couldn't understand what we as a guy feels and face everyday..
yela kite ade hormone testosterone while the girls have estrogen, tu pon da beza
sometimes it's hard to discuss about this thing cause people might think and make a different perception towards us...
as a muslim, gay/lesbian relationship is 100% prohibited in our religion
xpayah nak demo sgt la nak tuntut hak persamaan gender
 hak gender kepale hotak ko!!!
ak pon xpaham kdg2 ader org yg cube nak pertikai isu ni
mslhnyer yg pertikai tu org yg bijak pandai, lawyer,doctor & many other professional people
bukannya orang yg bodoh-bodoh

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Assalamulaikum wbt peeps!!
at last................I'M HOME...........
almost a week after my last paper..
damn bored at home
everyday duk ngadap laptop ngn tgk tv je keje...
everyday Running Man, novels, movies...
hoping this will last forever
in your dream jela...
next sem gonna be my last sem staying at uitmKT
graduating my diploma
it's a long way to go meh..
tonite is Malaysia League football match..
Kelantan VS ATM

hope Kelantan will win
Gomo Kelate Gomo (GKG)
Idoppp Red Warrior
tp abe Ghaddar xleh maen la mlm ni

a lil bit frustrated
already 1-0
go Mat Yo go....
jgn poyo baru first half..
menang kalah adat pertandingan
i'm not a big fan of football but okay la
some of my friends said it's weird that a guy doesn't like football
suke ati aku laaaa
minat orang mane leh paksa2
i'm rather watch badminton than football
sorry to say..

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Assalamualaikum wbt peeps!
da berhabuk giler kot blog ak
kinda busy...
again,agian and again
actually still in my final exam mood lorh
2 more papers to go : BIO310 & CHM301
now, GAP!! HURRAY!!
got a lot if things wanna share with you
tggu aku abes final lu la yer
now i'm still not in mood to post or karang-karang esei ni
actually just wanna share a quote with you peeps regarding on friendship
i read on the post by my friend on her social network's page and it's kinda attracting to me with the saying

" A True Friend is Someone Who Never Gets Tired of Listening to Your Pointless Drama Over and Over Again!!"
Lauren Conrad

p/s: guys also have a lots and tonnes of drama... jgn igt pompuan je..same je sumer...sigh... find a good friend xde la sakit ati sgt bler korang nak berdrama tu!!

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Hate That I Love You??

Assalamualaikum peeps
it's been a long time since i'm not updating my blog, xpe no one read my entry pon hehe
quite busy lorh
ENT300 report + final presentation
BIO300 report + final presentation
in a single sem need to finish up 2 final projects
dahla 2 different area, one in business field and the other one in biology field
thats's student's life, nie bru dip aku da membebel mcm2, next year nak masuk degree
ntah ape yg ak carut nanti heheheh
Actually back to my title of my post entry
gonna ask u'oll peeps satu soklan cepu emas..
bukan soklan bio, bukan soklan phy, bukan soklan chem apatah lagi soklan business yg ak xphm term used by business people. ( i keep wondering business student gonna be mad at me, cause same goes to them bout sci subject..hehehe)
however, the question is.......
" Have you ever feel that you're loving someone, you're taking care bout someone ( ex. your ex's ke, your frenemies ke, long time bromance ke, backstabbed BFF ke) but at the same time you just feel that wanna kick his/her ass?"

that's why i'm saying hate that i love you
a few weeks ago
i gotta feeling
hate but love you, hard for me and it's a mixed feeling
how could it be???

totally hate but at the same time, you still want and need those "jerk" by your side
it's too complicated dudes
so i try to came up with a few solutions
how effective???
depend on how you gonna manage your own feeling
  • kick out all your reminiscences, sweet memories towards them, it's kinda hurt but life's need to go on.
  • stay away and avoid meeting them, the longer you're staying away from them the better consequences it's gonna be. Trust Me I'm A Doctor (ayat baju Mat Din)
  • mind your own business, ignored what they're doing and just be yourself and keep busying with your stuffs.
  • try to make them feeling envious towards you, this will gain their respect towards you more...and...more. igt ak nak bkwn sgt ngn korang?? some sort of feeling gtu la..
  • being selfish, not becoming fishmonger okai... hahaha. kdg2 if we were too gentle and too soft towards to those peoples they were gonna "naik lemak".
  • don't you ever hurt them physically, BUT emotionally YES.... advisable hahahha 
  • get another person that you can share your prob with, REMEMBER find a person that you're really can put your trust in them!!

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Assalamualaikum peeps...
not much to say..
this week full of tests..
deym... stress...

it's been a long time for me wanting to write post in Jap hehe
i've already forgot many vocab in Jap
it's been about 3 years kot...
mase boring dalam kuliah, i wrote some kind of "luahan hati" in Jap
*nmpk sgt xfokus time blaja, lecturer kat depan aku duk maen heheh*
nothing interesting but that's me..
boring guy...
この人生は複雑だ。人のことが面白くない。今は友達がいっぱいできても、いい人はまだいない。大変。前は日本へ本当に行きたくても運がなかったら、いくことができない。よし。。もっと強く人になるはずよ。心の中でまだ悲しい。自分のこと、自分だけ感じいてる。回りの人々は自分のことがわかんない。正直に話して、KTJ のときできるだけ戻りたいことだ。みんな。。いつも過ごした日々をミースする。一生に勉強して、ご飯を食べて、学校へ行って。そのごろ戻りたい!!!今までの生活は大嫌い。友達は僕のことがずいぶんわかんない。特別にあの人。。いつも泣きたい。未来、あの人とできるだけ会うことをしない。嫌いすぎて。でも、あの人と過ごした経験は消さない。いやた。。今の勉強について、大体いいと思う。生物、科学、物理の点はもうよかった。それでは、がんばらないといけない。。後一学期に残って、あとでここの経験忘れてもいいと思う。。じゃね。。。

lots of grammatical errors....for sure..
it's been 3 years.
miss my writing in kanji,panda testo and so on
that's all
off to study PHY310!!
what's the relation between molecule structure with Phy??

p/s: for those who understand hehehe... no Google translate okay,it's all my own words..that's why my sentence kinda tunggang terbalik jer..

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Feels Like Flying...

Assalamualaikum peeps
though i'm still in my dip years, but being a science based student totally a challenging experience..
mana tak nye everyday we're busy with our studies
already in part 5 just another sem to finish up my dip years
most hectic sem ever..
BIO300 and ENT300 with the continuos assessment throughout the sem.. Voila!!..
just another headache
BIO310...masyaAllah... quite tough..
but studying bout Human's Anatomy really really interesting..
last nite was my first test for BIO310
alhamdulillah, i think i'm doing good but not that well
s'okay.. worth with my studying time
just in a week i learn how to memorize everything.
Cardiovascular System, Urinary System, Acid-Base Electrolyte, blood and so on..
quite tough.. but i enjoyed studying in a stressful condition hehehe
Ni makan die!!

nephron aka salur urinary filtration

pergh... susah kot nak hafal bendalah ni..
kate nak jadi doctor, so i will stop nagging around
people keep saying "ala diploma je kot!"
ak ase nak pukul2 ngn lempang laju-laju je sape yang cakap camtoo
dip or degree, maybe our level slightly different but our course content also tough okay
kalau course ak ni AS120, no time to play around la der...
look at me lorh...
CGPA's getting down from sem to sem..
no joke!
however,stop nagging!
i'm the one who choose this way rite..
i already made up my own choice, i know where my future lead me to..
Ya Allah help me to achieve my goal..
i'm hoping in pursuing my study in dentistry next year
InsyaAllah... may Allah bless my journey.
hoping my pointer gonna improve soon..
coming soon....
a soon-to-be me
a hot doc, a caring father, a romantic partner and a good son
berangan jer...

p/s: currently in homesick + ASS-ignment mood... deym...

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나는 외롭입니다

Assalamualaikum peeps..
long time not updating my blog, kinda busy lately
ASSignments is filling the atmosphere..
actually i'm totally feeling sucks rite now
kinda hormonal imbalance
but still everything is under control, not loosing any temper
my so-called-LOVE-story was ended successfully

i'm trying and giving my best but...
seem kinda f#%k up with this situation
single + available = free to friend with anyone
i'm no good at all
i admit that..
but i'm not a La Coste or Crocs type guys..
"Loyalty is My Best Policy"

but seem you really want to end it, i accepted it with a big smile though it was damn hurt..
how could you say something that is too harsh and really hurt my feeling, kinda feeling like a total jerk..
thanks for creating another jerk in this world..
i know i made a mistake towards you..
but can't you forgive me??
the scandalous and rumors are just another added factor toward this
i'm still observing you from far...sorry...
life need to move on rite...
if you really think that i'm a playboyish type guy..
you're totally made a huge mistake
i really hope that you could be happy
thanks for all the good memory..
i hope somebody could gimme a real definition of couple and love...
plz desperate and need to know bout it...

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SKJP2 is ohhhhhhhhhhsooooooooooomeeeee

being a teacher, i discovered some fun facts along my staying in SKJP2 that i find kinda interesting.
here are some facts i find interesting as being a teacher :
  • i learned on how to write the lesson's notes... pergh... totally not-so-cool. i need to plan well before teaching the students. i found it troublesome,  cause it need to be submitted on every Friday so that the headmaster can check and see our progress. HOMEWORK!
  • it was a strange feeling when the students started to call me "Cikgu!" for the first time. a feeling that cannot be expressed by words.
  •  i realized that to be a teacher, we need to always have at least a red pen and a black/blue pen in our pocket. it's a compulsory. to sign attendance, checking student's homework and etc..
  • SKJP2 is situated exactly in front of UiTM Jengka. thus, many of my students are the child of UiTM's staffs or lecturers.
  •  though we, as a teacher, punished the student they wouldn't hold grudge to us. they knew we were educating them and not scolding them without no reason.
  • it's hard to ensure the student to understand what we were teaching about in front of the class...sigh... xnak ler syok sesorng je kat dpn kelas.
  • students keep asking me whether i was married or not?? am i too old to look like a married guy?? haha. my answer "i've already married with 4 children!" hahah.
  • Cikgu Sharizul keep bullying me all the time and called me P. Ramlee... whadda... but i know it's just a joke. i accept it as a compliment heheh.
  • there are about 10++ males teachers in that school and we're totally damn hot hahaha exaggerating.
  • cause of the maternal leaves of Cikgu Maizziah, only Cikgu Safuan and i were the only Science teacher in that school. SUPERB hehehe
  • mostly of the teachers can speak Kelate, and most of the them were married and already have children.
  • to be a teacher, we need to be well-prepared and well-organized. don't be too clumsy and always asking other opinions first before deciding our decision.
  • right now, i prefer studying than working. incomparable. totally sucks in the working atmosphere though i tried to cope with it. i think i did well but not like it.
  • i hate Thursday cause packed with classes and need to wear batik. batik is not a biggie but on that day it gonna be the most tiring day ever in my life.
  • i love and waited Friday on every week. dunno why!!
  • during my first week, i was totally lost and get blurred. no ones to guide me since i'm only depend on Cikgu Safuan on everything. my sister could not help me cause we're totally in the different area.
  • being creative is the most crucial part to be a good and dedicated teacher. cause they enjoyed different way of teaching.
  • kids were like the little fashion police, they were observing what we wear, what we smells and how we looks as we entered the class. lil monster rite?? kecik-kecik dah pandai.
  • being a teacher is such a noble job, but i'm not into it. i have no passion in it, i'm not a good educator.
  • on the 16th May, i got 30++ presents from my student... terharu gak sposen.. i'm just a subs and never asking or wondering bout it.
  • it was my first experience being a teacher and also my first time celebrating teacher's day as a teacher and not as a student. feeling happy cause being celebrated??
  • 3DN1, 3DN2, 4DR1, 4DR2, 5DE2 and 6DT3 will always be in my heart... kelas budok-budok nakal hahaha.
  • muke aku jer nampak otai tp dalam hati, full with kebun-kebun bunga yang sedang berkembang, that's why the students not afraid to me at all.
  • gonna miss my sleep early and wake up early hour to school, missing my gosok baju sedunia time soon.
  • i learned sooooooo much on how to photocopy the worksheets for students. first time i  used photostat machine...excited giler....
  • i admit that kedai 2 ringgit berbaloi giler if we becoming a teacher. if you know what i mean.....

p/s: it was a memorable journey... i can hardly forget bout it. thank you sooooooo much for SKJP2
      family  for giving me an opportunity to feel the real working atmosphere.

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Bittersweet SKJP2

Assalamualaikum peeps
i'm totally freed now huhuhu
2 months of bittersweet experiences was ended
9th April till 25th May
a lil bit sad + glad = mixed feeling
here is some pics along my staying at SKJP2
just enjoy it......

p/s: to be continued....XOXO...

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The Avengers Fuh....!

Assalamualaikum peeps
tomorrow's Teacher's Day yuhuuuu
why am i so excited??
the reason is not because of the presents la but.... no need to teach for another day hahaha
dapat hadiah ke?? no la i'm just a sub lorh...
for this post i would like to make some movie's review on the new-box-office-king-movie
of course la beb THE AVENGERS....fuh... i loike

though it's sound childish but i'm totally enjoy the movie
2 and half hours was totally a worth paying, worth going and worth watching movie
i went to StarMall, Mentakab GSC a day after the movie was released
early bird lorh...
kinda ok and love it
my nephews were damn into it hahah
kinda funny when it was their first time to enter the cinema to watch movie

if you wanna watch this movie, it's advised for you to watch Thor first
to understand more bout the conflict between Loki and Thor
glad i've already watch Thor! so i'm kinda understand the clash between the characters
actually the story quite same with other superheroes movie
what makes it better cause it gathered many popular characters and superheroes in a movie
for me it's totally a brilliant idea
the best character is Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.
he's a versatile and a good actor
a credit should be given to him for his work

p/s: thanks to my big bro for sponsoring through all the day, from Cowboy untill StarMall McD...
      msuk gaji nati turn ak lak tp dunno when hahaha...

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Assalamualaikum peeps
this post might be toooooo late for talking bout our last sems result
result for UiTM dip's student was on 27th May
mine?? dont ask
just an okay but it's worth with my effort
i studied that much and i got that much
Thanks to Allah for His blessing

just wanna wish congrat to all my friends for your flying colours result
rumours said that many of DiSA's student got 4 flat yuhuuuu
i'm not one of them heheh
next sem InsyaAllah
alhamdulillah this sem there'll be more of AS student to go to MAKA
Go DiSA Go!
your hard work were paid off and you're really deserve to treat yourself well for your effort

this is not riak or berlagak or bajet pandai
dont care what people says we the one who deserve for it rite??
lantak diorg la nak kate aper...
Man Jadda Wa Jadda
remember it!
For You,
Congrat on your result
you deserve it
i'm doing nothing to you, you the one who worked hard
no need to thank me...

p/s: all work hard paid off... towards ANC InsyaAllah... another 2 sems to go...

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