Tips FYP BIO300 for AS120

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps
Part5 in UiTM was officially over & i still have another sem to go yuhuuuu
result pon da kuar, alhamdulillah...
praises to Allah almighty i got a better result than previous sem
ok, actually wanna share same tips regarding to BIO300 project for UiTM's diploma student especially Dip. In Science part5!!
bukan nak bangga diri ke ape, kalu korang stuck nak wat projek tuk FYP dip for this course, hope this might help a lil bit for you guys...
Alhamdulillah ak score gak ar tuk subjek ni berkat tunjuk ajar lecturer, supervisor & membe2
what's important is you need to understand what your project gonna be carried all about sbb project ni through out the whole sem, sakit kepala gak laklu nak maen tukar2..
projek simple pon xpe sbb level kite bkn nak buat bnda baru cam bdak2 degree but just an exposure on how to carry a project & intro to R&D when we're in degree later...
Furthermore, kod ni mmg xde final so kna la score kat tests, proposal, report and final presentation btol2.
Xsusah kot, just a little hard work might needed

Fuhh.. credit to Ayin
Group ak wat project entitled "The Magical Use Of Aloe Vera in Healing Wound" actually our project is tooooooo cliche but our supervisor said it was an okay, so we carried on
plus, during presentation ader panel tegur sket diorg kate tajuk utk subjek camni xperlu nak bunga2 or english yg cantik sgt, i mean word like "magical" tu patot tukar ngn effectiveness ke, something more related to science... noted!!!
korang draft jer dulu ape yg korang ase nak carry out through a sem tu
sbb during the submission of the proposal our lecturers will guide us in determine our project
diorg akan tgk kesesuaian mase, apparatus, chemicals or even machine ad x kat lab korang
klu proposal kna reject, dun worry!!
come up with new ideas!!
FOR REPORTafter we finished our final presentation, there's gonna be a hectic period to submit the report
ak xtdo mlm kot nak siapkn bndalah ni
but there's no success within hard work rite??
dlm report should all included, abstract (in BM&BI), intro, literature review, objective, method, result, discussion, conclusion and also our recommendation for future research
this might be different due to different lecturer or campus
bkn ape, mcm ak arito kmpus kitorg held a mini kolokium
mcm present rmai2, pasto setiap group akan disediakan partition masing2, so present la poster korang tu
sem sblom ni senior just present in the slides je
mgkin sbb batch kitorang rmai, so bajet nak "gempak" la sket
during presentation, just paham korang punyer projek tu sal mende
mcm viva bdk2 degree la during present ni, akan ader different panel from different faculty
klu diorg tnye, jwb je goreng sket2 okla..
tp nasihat ak, mlm sblom present tu better buat research la sket
there gonna be 3 tests
mula2, siyesly i thought this code would never had any damn test, heaven kot klu xde test
masuk kelas dgr je lecture,then buat projek
ceit...sangkaan ku ternyata meleset
actually the tests prepared by the lecturers are not that hard kot..
study sket bleh jwb, sbb kod ni lebeyh kepada intro to how we carry on a project
mostly time will be spend in the lab
but that 3 damn tests are totally crucial
30% of your carrymarks
so grab it!!
that's all that i wanna share with you
hope it helps a little
Alhamdulillah for this code i scored well and got A+, syukur sgt2
during the final presentation, i was awarded as The Best Presenter, mmg x expect langsung pon heheh
thanks to Allah
actually ak xsmpt prepared sgt kot mlm presentation tu sbb ader dinner MAKA
tp tu sumer rezeki, berkat ak stress sepanjang sem....amin.....
Worth Doing & Worth Paying!!
p/s: selamat beramal..good luck...

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  1. wah ..salam 1 uitm dari pun budak dis....argh x dpt isi dentist....sedih hidup..pointer kmu skung brapa??

  2. wslm
    pointer sy cukup2 mkn jer
    alahamdulillah 3.7>>
    tp tula
    frust gak aser, nak apply bnda yg kta minat tp xdpt
    xpe2 Tuhan nak uji kite, mgkin dpt yg lebih baek
    salam perkenalan~

  3. Thanks for info.. Saye pon DIS jgk.. pening nie nak buat project ape..

  4. Thanks for info.. Saye pon DIS jgk.. pening nie nak buat project ape..