Assalamualaikum peeps
for this entry its title kinda "daring" isn't it??
actually, what i'm gonna share today not about that "beromen" la but it has the same sound of pronunciation with the word BROMANCE!
Bromance is 100% unrelated with "romen" that all of you fantasized or imagine in your mind
i read an article in Galaxie and Hot Magazine and i found it's interesting to share with those who still doesn't know bout this thing..
there are 2 words i found creative and me la...others, dunno!
Frenemies and Bromance
if you try to find in your thesaurus or dictionary, i'm pretty sure you won't find it
i think it's some of new words created by today's youngsters...maybe...
soooooo to make my understanding clearer then i just google it...
According to wiki,  bromance is a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy.
Homosocial : A term used to refer to relationships and situations shared by individuals of the same sex, although virtually always used exclusively to refer to relationships between men. The term has no sexual connotations, and so is very much in contrast with "homoerotic" in academic use.
Bromance is actually came from the combination of the word Brother and Romance
it's NOT a gay relationship!!
Bromance and Gay is two different condition...
Bromance is a non-sexual relationship while gay is the otherwise
so guys...
jgn senang duk buruk sangka & tuduh org bukan-bukan tanpa usul periksa
tp kadang-kadang it's make me wonder
boleh ke ad bnda camni antara lelaki???
then, let we think in a positive way
it's no wrong at all for guys to have a person or peoples around him that enable him to express or share his problem with others besides his girlfriend..
sometimes girl couldn't understand what we as a guy feels and face everyday..
yela kite ade hormone testosterone while the girls have estrogen, tu pon da beza
sometimes it's hard to discuss about this thing cause people might think and make a different perception towards us...
as a muslim, gay/lesbian relationship is 100% prohibited in our religion
xpayah nak demo sgt la nak tuntut hak persamaan gender
 hak gender kepale hotak ko!!!
ak pon xpaham kdg2 ader org yg cube nak pertikai isu ni
mslhnyer yg pertikai tu org yg bijak pandai, lawyer,doctor & many other professional people
bukannya orang yg bodoh-bodoh

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Assalamulaikum wbt peeps!!
at last................I'M HOME...........
almost a week after my last paper..
damn bored at home
everyday duk ngadap laptop ngn tgk tv je keje...
everyday Running Man, novels, movies...
hoping this will last forever
in your dream jela...
next sem gonna be my last sem staying at uitmKT
graduating my diploma
it's a long way to go meh..
tonite is Malaysia League football match..
Kelantan VS ATM

hope Kelantan will win
Gomo Kelate Gomo (GKG)
Idoppp Red Warrior
tp abe Ghaddar xleh maen la mlm ni

a lil bit frustrated
already 1-0
go Mat Yo go....
jgn poyo baru first half..
menang kalah adat pertandingan
i'm not a big fan of football but okay la
some of my friends said it's weird that a guy doesn't like football
suke ati aku laaaa
minat orang mane leh paksa2
i'm rather watch badminton than football
sorry to say..

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Assalamualaikum wbt peeps!
da berhabuk giler kot blog ak
kinda busy...
again,agian and again
actually still in my final exam mood lorh
2 more papers to go : BIO310 & CHM301
now, GAP!! HURRAY!!
got a lot if things wanna share with you
tggu aku abes final lu la yer
now i'm still not in mood to post or karang-karang esei ni
actually just wanna share a quote with you peeps regarding on friendship
i read on the post by my friend on her social network's page and it's kinda attracting to me with the saying

" A True Friend is Someone Who Never Gets Tired of Listening to Your Pointless Drama Over and Over Again!!"
Lauren Conrad

p/s: guys also have a lots and tonnes of drama... jgn igt pompuan je..same je sumer...sigh... find a good friend xde la sakit ati sgt bler korang nak berdrama tu!!

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