Assalamualaikum wbt peeps!
da berhabuk giler kot blog ak
kinda busy...
again,agian and again
actually still in my final exam mood lorh
2 more papers to go : BIO310 & CHM301
now, GAP!! HURRAY!!
got a lot if things wanna share with you
tggu aku abes final lu la yer
now i'm still not in mood to post or karang-karang esei ni
actually just wanna share a quote with you peeps regarding on friendship
i read on the post by my friend on her social network's page and it's kinda attracting to me with the saying

" A True Friend is Someone Who Never Gets Tired of Listening to Your Pointless Drama Over and Over Again!!"
Lauren Conrad

p/s: guys also have a lots and tonnes of drama... jgn igt pompuan je..same je sumer...sigh... find a good friend okaiiii..so xde la sakit ati sgt bler korang nak berdrama tu!!

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  1. hye,,, moga exam berjalan lancar k,, it is true about friends,,, if they dont listen,, they are only friends,, not true friends,, hehe