Test boh....

Assalamualaikum peeps
Saje testing via phone heheh
Mlm ni test CHM260
Cuak gak broooo
Chemical Analysis ni cam susah nak expect soklan mende yg kuar
Apepon usaha+tawakkal
In shaa Allah dipermudah
Wish me luck!!!

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Alahai Degree!!!!

Assalamualaikum peeps
another entry, terase rajin nak menaip coz esok da otw balik msuk gua Mok Wan back
Degree?? Bachelor??

another growing phase for me as a student
seriously i'm totally blur and kinda afraid in choosing the rite path for me to pursue my study to the next level
i don't want my mistake keep repeating for the second time
rite now
after a few discussion, I've made my own decision
in shaa Allah, a worth trying though i may not get what I've been aiming for
tawakal jela tu sumer kije Allah
kite hanya merancang, Allah yg menentukan semua
btw, klu korang xperasan ad tulisan "Read More" kat bwh please leave your comment
ak sajer jer buat page break nak bg cam gempak sket
klu entry yg pnjg tu hrp korang leh read more la yer

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From Besut With Love

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
sekejap je ase, esok da nak balik ganung balik daaaa
adoiyaaa xpnas punggung pon ag ak kat umah
mkn pon maa smpat masak yg simple2 je sbb my mom klu bulan maulud ni mmg bz giler
artis kannnn
hahahha xdop makne~
ok la gonna share to you bout our rough trip when we returned back on the last midsem and also bout our balik kg's story
ni sumer ak dedicated kat McPooh, spesial entry tuk mg ni poh
banggo dop weyh??
ni semua POYO!!
btw ak nak story sal pjlnn balik dr KB ke KT lu suatu ari dahulu
mula2 ktrg da planning nak turun awal yela kan takot ujan ke, ribut ker sape tau
mase cuti midsem ari tu adlh musim tengkujuh yg agak truk bg east coast Malaysia's states
umah din pon xsurut ag banjir time tu
so we started our journey by 10 a.m.
actually i already got a peculiar feeling on that morning
Allah punyer kuasa kan
tp alhamdulillah xdela smpai ktrg involved in an accident
syukur sgt2 semua slamat jer
but our car was suddenly broken down at Penarik
time tu sumer cuak, ak pon cuak giler kot
dahla jalan yg ktrg tu kinda sunyi + creepy gak ar
but alhamdulillah ad abg kat umah area tu tlg gak ktrg
then sesampai kat bengkel mula la ak merancang strategi nak balik KT lak, continuing our journey
naseb baek la ak trigt kat mekpoh time tu
i gave her a call
sian gak kat die, time tu die pon duk tgh sibuk sbb nak btolak balik ngn bas gak that evening
then hati ak tergerak nak kol Gjoe Hakim
kol punyer kol
alhamdulillah Gjoe menyelamatkn ktrg then tlg antar kat stesen bas
Alor Lintang ke bandar Jerteh, jauh gak ar dlm 20mins gtu gak ar
then we took a cab, antar trus dpn umah sewa
sian gak kat mirul, truk gak rosak keta die
but the end of the day, alhamdulillah everything was safe & fine

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Cake, Degree & Maulidur Rasul

Assalamualaikum wbt
sebelum pape, i'm gonna wish Salam Maulidur Rasul to all muslim in this world
Selawat & Salam ke Atas Junjungan Nabi Muhammad SAW
semoga keperibadian baginda mjd contoh ikutan kita seharian...
In Shaa Allah
actually just woke up at 3 in the morning
just got a nap then amik ko tersedar kol3
ak ni spesies yg klu da tersedar tdo, susah lak nak smbg tdo balik
yela semalam klu ikotkan xbuat pape sgt pon
kelas satu jer, balik kelas td rase nak bg berpeluh sket ajak Afiq jog kat Bukit Besar
alhamdulillah berpeluh gak
just a few minutes of exercises and no need for supplement, hehehe no offence
goal ak nak sihat jer, xhensem mcm Orlando Bloom pon xpe asalkan dpt bntuk body mcm Aaron Aziz pon dah ok kot, xmintak lebeyh

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Piss Off!!

Assalamualaikum wbt
it's hard to be perfect, it's hard to make a change
people tend to criticize & underestimate your strength
so what??
do i  care??
please go, let me live alone
dudes, it's really hard to understand me
i'm not as simple minded as you think
i might be windy, i might be cold, i might be anything i want depending on my mood
why do you care so much bout me?
do you really know me so well?
you know nothing
even a little piece in part of me you will never ever understand me
dudes, when i said i need some privacy, just let me be
there might be something that i need to handle by my own
when everything was settled down, i'm gonna be okay
maybe you're trying to be a close friend to me, yeah i'm grateful to have a caring person like you
when i said i need a little time & little space on my own don't you ever started to question me why
i have my own reason for doing this
but then you're simply said that i'm too carried away with my own feeling
too emotional

but why do you care so much bout me?????
i'm not discriminating anyone
if i'm not in the mood of talking, not just you dudes
but anyone else also will be get ignored by me
don't mess up you mind to think bout my problem
it's my life
human's emotion is the hardest thing to be understood or to deal with
i know i've been a bad friend to you
i'm sorry for that
i'm not hoping for you to always stay by my side
if i'm too carried with my emotion, lemme be
you also said that i'm bringing a negative energy to others
but don't you think who's the one that started & taught me to be in that way??
silence is golden bro, a little talk might produce a great result
yeah it shows, but in the other way round now
i'm totally pissed off, please forgive me

i'm not gonna hold any grudge towards you, i promise & i'll try
i'm nobody, don't expect much from me cause i'm might disappointing you damn much later
please live your life happily, mind your business
i promise, after this if you're wishing not gonna meet me again in the future i'm glad for it
  plus, for your info i'm hoping 10X more than that from you also
i'm trying to reflect myself in everything i do
sorry for my wrongdoings, actions, talks, attitudes and so on
i'm not a good buddy to you
please go and find another person that can cope with you
i'm hoping all the best for your searching 
might the best candidate is selected
in shaa Allah
i'm ego, you're an ego, him is an ego, everyone has their own ego dudes
fight for it??
up to you........

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Little Monsters, gotta catch 'em all!!

Assalamualaikum peeps!!
malas btol nak update entry blog skang, kemalasan melanda disitu
malas da nak bg alasan lebeyh2
mmg ak ni PEMALAS hehehe
i've been planning for a decade to write bout this post
Ya Allah, i'm totally missing damn much to all my little monsters
little mosters a.k.a my nieces and nephews lorh..
i'm a good a uncle okay...
up until now i got 11 monsters in my collection hahaha
mcm pokemon je ase
kejam sgt ak pggl diorg camtoo
Pak Su gurau2 jer..
the oldest is form 4 (kuat mengorat mamat ni, kalah ak kot)
the youngest xsampai setaun kot lg Mikail ngn Alleysa
photo sharing session jela..
ni mase sopan lg sume, bajet naive je

baby Alleysa Safiyya

Ahmad & Rayyan


3 Monsters

Adib & Mikail

Adib & Mikail again

Alleysa grown up

My Beloved Yayan

Adib solo

Kak Yong, Abe Adi & Mimi

a big family
ni still not add up another 2 still single bachelors lg
tmbh anak ak seksok, bergegar ak ase umah Maa ngn Abah nati
balik diorg pon da cukup nak buat rumah runtuh heheh
klu tgk anak2 sedara ak ni comel2 je kot
i keep wondering, anak ak nati camner la agaknyer??
cute mcm daddy die gak kot hahahah
berangan jela

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