Piss Off!!

Assalamualaikum wbt
it's hard to be perfect, it's hard to make a change
people tend to criticize & underestimate your strength
so what??
do i  care??
please go, let me live alone
dudes, it's really hard to understand me
i'm not as simple minded as you think
i might be windy, i might be cold, i might be anything i want depending on my mood
why do you care so much bout me?
do you really know me so well?
you know nothing
even a little piece in part of me you will never ever understand me
dudes, when i said i need some privacy, just let me be
there might be something that i need to handle by my own
when everything was settled down, i'm gonna be okay
maybe you're trying to be a close friend to me, yeah i'm grateful to have a caring person like you
when i said i need a little time & little space on my own don't you ever started to question me why
i have my own reason for doing this
but then you're simply said that i'm too carried away with my own feeling
too emotional

but why do you care so much bout me?????
i'm not discriminating anyone
if i'm not in the mood of talking, not just you dudes
but anyone else also will be get ignored by me
don't mess up you mind to think bout my problem
it's my life
human's emotion is the hardest thing to be understood or to deal with
i know i've been a bad friend to you
i'm sorry for that
i'm not hoping for you to always stay by my side
if i'm too carried with my emotion, lemme be
you also said that i'm bringing a negative energy to others
but don't you think who's the one that started & taught me to be in that way??
silence is golden bro, a little talk might produce a great result
yeah it shows, but in the other way round now
i'm totally pissed off, please forgive me

i'm not gonna hold any grudge towards you, i promise & i'll try
i'm nobody, don't expect much from me cause i'm might disappointing you damn much later
please live your life happily, mind your business
i promise, after this if you're wishing not gonna meet me again in the future i'm glad for it
  plus, for your info i'm hoping 10X more than that from you also
i'm trying to reflect myself in everything i do
sorry for my wrongdoings, actions, talks, attitudes and so on
i'm not a good buddy to you
please go and find another person that can cope with you
i'm hoping all the best for your searching 
might the best candidate is selected
in shaa Allah
i'm ego, you're an ego, him is an ego, everyone has their own ego dudes
fight for it??
up to you........

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