Assalamualaikum peeps...
not much to say..
this week full of tests..
deym... stress...

it's been a long time for me wanting to write post in Jap hehe
i've already forgot many vocab in Jap
it's been about 3 years kot...
mase boring dalam kuliah, i wrote some kind of "luahan hati" in Jap
*nmpk sgt xfokus time blaja, lecturer kat depan aku duk maen heheh*
nothing interesting but that's me..
boring guy...
この人生は複雑だ。人のことが面白くない。今は友達がいっぱいできても、いい人はまだいない。大変。前は日本へ本当に行きたくても運がなかったら、いくことができない。よし。。もっと強く人になるはずよ。心の中でまだ悲しい。自分のこと、自分だけ感じいてる。回りの人々は自分のことがわかんない。正直に話して、KTJ のときできるだけ戻りたいことだ。みんな。。いつも過ごした日々をミースする。一生に勉強して、ご飯を食べて、学校へ行って。そのごろ戻りたい!!!今までの生活は大嫌い。友達は僕のことがずいぶんわかんない。特別にあの人。。いつも泣きたい。未来、あの人とできるだけ会うことをしない。嫌いすぎて。でも、あの人と過ごした経験は消さない。いやた。。今の勉強について、大体いいと思う。生物、科学、物理の点はもうよかった。それでは、がんばらないといけない。。後一学期に残って、あとでここの経験忘れてもいいと思う。。じゃね。。。

lots of grammatical errors....for sure..
it's been 3 years.
miss my writing in kanji,panda testo and so on
that's all
off to study PHY310!!
what's the relation between molecule structure with Phy??

p/s: for those who understand hehehe... no Google translate okay,it's all my own words..that's why my sentence kinda tunggang terbalik jer..

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Feels Like Flying...

Assalamualaikum peeps
though i'm still in my dip years, but being a science based student totally a challenging experience..
mana tak nye everyday we're busy with our studies
already in part 5 just another sem to finish up my dip years
most hectic sem ever..
BIO300 and ENT300 with the continuos assessment throughout the sem.. Voila!!..
just another headache
BIO310...masyaAllah... quite tough..
but studying bout Human's Anatomy really really interesting..
last nite was my first test for BIO310
alhamdulillah, i think i'm doing good but not that well
s'okay.. worth with my studying time
just in a week i learn how to memorize everything.
Cardiovascular System, Urinary System, Acid-Base Electrolyte, blood and so on..
quite tough.. but i enjoyed studying in a stressful condition hehehe
Ni makan die!!

nephron aka salur urinary filtration

pergh... susah kot nak hafal bendalah ni..
kate nak jadi doctor, so i will stop nagging around
people keep saying "ala diploma je kot!"
ak ase nak pukul2 ngn lempang laju-laju je sape yang cakap camtoo
dip or degree, maybe our level slightly different but our course content also tough okay
kalau course ak ni AS120, no time to play around la der...
look at me lorh...
CGPA's getting down from sem to sem..
no joke!
however,stop nagging!
i'm the one who choose this way rite..
i already made up my own choice, i know where my future lead me to..
Ya Allah help me to achieve my goal..
i'm hoping in pursuing my study in dentistry next year
InsyaAllah... may Allah bless my journey.
hoping my pointer gonna improve soon..
coming soon....
a soon-to-be me
a hot doc, a caring father, a romantic partner and a good son
berangan jer...

p/s: currently in homesick + ASS-ignment mood... deym...

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나는 외롭입니다

Assalamualaikum peeps..
long time not updating my blog, kinda busy lately
ASSignments is filling the atmosphere..
actually i'm totally feeling sucks rite now
kinda hormonal imbalance
but still everything is under control, not loosing any temper
my so-called-LOVE-story was ended successfully

i'm trying and giving my best but...
seem kinda f#%k up with this situation
single + available = free to friend with anyone
i'm no good at all
i admit that..
but i'm not a La Coste or Crocs type guys..
"Loyalty is My Best Policy"

but seem you really want to end it, i accepted it with a big smile though it was damn hurt..
how could you say something that is too harsh and really hurt my feeling, kinda feeling like a total jerk..
thanks for creating another jerk in this world..
i know i made a mistake towards you..
but can't you forgive me??
the scandalous and rumors are just another added factor toward this
i'm still observing you from far...sorry...
life need to move on rite...
if you really think that i'm a playboyish type guy..
you're totally made a huge mistake
i really hope that you could be happy
thanks for all the good memory..
i hope somebody could gimme a real definition of couple and love...
plz desperate and need to know bout it...

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