rainy days, brakes and new year's eve...

raining cats and dogs??
Assalamulaikum wbt peeps...
today is the last day for the year 2011...
hurm... one more years and i'm getting older lorh
s'okay it's part of our growing phase
back to the topic
3 things actually 2 things another one is an addition and just got an inspiration...so sudden...
2 things i will remember the most is bout rainy days and brakes
why?? hahaha kinda sort of "sweet" memories with these 2 stuffs
rainy days, whether it was raining cats and dogs or kitty and mice or what-so-ever la
hurm it's good for us to stay in the house, cuddling in our futon or blanket, soooo nice and warm
brakes can be anything, bicycle's brake, hydraulic brakes and so on
so what with these 2 stuffs??
it's just happened 30 minutes ago..
when i remember bout it, i will chuckle and laugh to myself... lunatic...
how stupid and clumsy i'm
actually it happened when i ride my bro's motorcycle to fetch my other bro at the bus station from KL
yeah i admit that i'm not an expert in driving the motorcycle but not that "mat rempit" also
but, i enjoyed driving fast hahhaa... the feeling fuuuhhh... hard to define
i thought i was already late and so i ride a "lil" bit faster, concerning my bro is waiting for me... such a good lil bro rite..
at of the traffic light suddenly it turned red, i tried to put an effort to make it stop...
then it spun around hahaha
i.m totally glad that there's no other vehicles in front or in my back fuhh...
thanks God...
nothing happened just a lil scratches only... here and there..
it doesn't hurt at all but maluuuuuu hahha
during that moment there's a car try to stop by and asking "okay dop??"
hahaha i just laughed... he saw me...dam... but i'm glad today i'm goin back to campus already hahha
same goes to the last sem..
it was the first day of our final examination
BEL311's paper...
again when i remember this "accident" i will laugh to myself
that time i was with Beduh, my rumates
we were in hurry, just another 10 mins left before entering the exam's hall
and that day was a Monday, "Corporate's Day" typical UiTM's style..
it was rainy day... again... i kinda got some chemistry lah with rainy days...
so i started my bikes downstairs then when he jumped onto the bikes...
out in the blue, our bike lost control... hahahah
we almost fall in the drain hahahha, luckily we don't
i couldn't stop laughing...
our smart and casual's clothes was covered with dirt and mud hahaha
our hostel is kinda flat-house style thus if anything happened people or neighbour around will "jenguk" to see what had happened... so embarassing...
tak sakit langsung just sort of maluuu giler that moment
we still continued our journey towards the exam's hall
along my journey to the hall, people keep asking what happened
we don't change our clothe cos lack of time, we afraid that we'll barred from taking the exam if we were late.. that paper is kinda killer also..
some bloods and wound at our hand..
we answered the paper with wet yet uncomfortable condition hahha
in the hall i keep staring at him, i'm afraid that he's not okay... but when he stared back at me, we chuckled... actually we afraid that the invigilator might suspected we were copying each other but the distant is toooo far between me and him... illogically and impossible...
Beduh Mat Zain
but alhamdulillah i still got an A for that paper and Beduh scored B..
i wont forget that memories...

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accidentally on purposes!!

hye peeps
dunno why kinda eager this morning updating my dusty blog huhuhu
dont wanna write much for this entry
just sharing some old pics during my foundation time in UTM and INTEC
it's officially 2 years they leaves me behind staying in in this country..
waaaaa no more tears... best of luck to all of you guys...
accidentally found old photos in my hard disk hehehe
let entering the ”日本人の時代”
my kanojyou.. miss her damn much hahah

一年生(桜クラス) 1st year Sakura class



おわき先生 ( Mr. Owaki aka Phy's Lecturer)

児玉先生 (Mr. Kodama aka Chem's Lecturer)
ak takoot die siyes2 tp tdo gak lam klas haha

長谷川先生 (Mr. Hasegawa aka Jap's Lecturer)
Lecturer jpon ak yg plg sengal..

org kate mamat jpon yg tgh tu hot, bese2 je ak tgk
a visit from Jap student to INTEC

伊戸先生 (Dr. Ito Mitsumasa aka Phy's Lecturer)
ak respek gle kat die
btol ke kanji name diu tu??
if wrong  ごめんね。。

岩原先生( Miss/Mrs Iwahara aka Jap's Lecturer)
status skrg xtau sbb dlu die kate da nak kawen
sempoi abes lecturer ni

although it's been 2 years, i'll always remember all the memories
the time we laughed, we cried and studied together
never be erased from my memory box...
distant will never tears us apart
best wishes to all KANAK-KANAK RIANG KTJ01
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sweet camaraderie

Assalamualaikum wbt..
it's a Freaky Friday dudes, the last Friday for 2011
we'll be celebrating new years in 2 days thus celebrating my birthday in a few days more..
counting my birthday makes me looks and think older...hurgh....
i'm totally missing my friends rite now...
last nite i chatted with my exclassmate during my skooltime
it's totally awesome and  also sweet reminiscence to be remembered ; we talked, we laughed bout the past we made and experienced
as we grow older, there's a tons of problem are waiting for us
i wish i could turn back the time, and live in carefree and non-problematic world forever
people might say i'm such a boring and not interesting guy for not taking any risks in my life..
so what??
my best buddy in Faris, meso (engineer-to-be, UTP)

pjolyas (engineer-to-be, Spain), bulloh (engineer-to-be, Japan), payed (CEO-in-the-making, UTP)

Our Irish boy pokche (engineer-to-be, UTP)

he's such a good buddy, thanks dude for the support when i'm feeling so low..

though we still far apart, we built a strong bond between us

so much to say

dinner KTJ with Iwahara Sensei, kimi (engineer-to-be, Asahikawa Kosen, Japan), Azmeer (engineer-to-be, Nagano Kosen, Japan), Achik (engineer-to-be, Maizuru Kosen, Japan)

thanks for all motivations meer, i really appreciate you as a totally good and awesome person i've ever met on Earth
HELLO!! actually, i'm taking too much risk, that's why sometimes i think better play it safe than taking too much adventures in life.
rite now, my mind fly high up to the sky
remembering the sweet memories and the good camaraderie with all my "gang" especially in Faris not Paris kay..
living in boarding skool for 5 years really teach me a great value of friendship
it's hard to forget all of them, they seems such so understanding and so genuine
maybe because we're so naive that time so we won't do anything beyond our expectation rite..
differ in campus life, it's hard and harsh
full of many kinds of people, whether to choose a good or bad it's up to us
too much options
i'm not condemning anyone, but this is how i feel
people might think i'm an emo guy, so what?? anything wrong?? do i affecting your life?? nope rite..
peeps, i missing so much my oldies besties
besides, all of you now are in different regions of the world
everyone is busy with their works and studies, yeah kinda understand that same goes to me.
we've a different obligations rite now...
and i wish best of luck to all of you and do remember me wherever, whatever, whenever, what-so-ever you're doing rite now....
to Hafez (engineer-to-be, UTP) and Arief (architect-to-be, Cardiff UK) i couldn't find any pics of you dudes.. totally sorry
i'll always remember you guys...
jgn terase ati ek.. nati ak try search my hardisk again..again...and again
damn Friendster, all the pics of mine during skooltime was deleted..

p/s : sedeyh gop sposen when i'm thinking bout myself, my frens achieving their greatest moment in life; being an engineer, a architect, a doctor, a dentist.... but me?? nothing... hurm... it's all Allah fate.. la tahzan.. maybe there's a rainbow waiting for me somewhere or somehow but not now...

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we're The HARUNIAN or ZAUDIAN'S clans aka "The Big Family Gathering"

Assalamualaikum wbt...
on 24th December we held a family gathering at a restaurant nearby our house..
the feast seems simple just the same food goes around like always ; tom yum, siakap 3 rasa, bla bla bla...
it was the day i arrived at home for my midsem break after presenting the strategic plan for my club at UiTM Dungun.. actually i'm kinda proud of myself for my presentation huhuhu ( hand pat on my shoulder's mood)
it's because i totally glad with my "goreng" style
i'm not a confident guy but when i talked, i'm gonna make sure the panel attracted with me... at last I DID IT hahaha...
lot of us kena hentam kow2 with the panels.. no exception for myself but at least, at the end of their comment they satisfied with my presentation and we got a congratulation wish from them wohooo... feels like flying dudes...
it's been a week i slept late at nite to finish the slide's content and also got to study for my quizzes and test..
worth doing~
okay back to the story
actually there's nothing cool happened, we just enjoying our dinner as a big family fully sponsored by my eldest sister, Kak Long.. love you sis, thanks so much...totally full that nite!!!!
it's been a long time for us to held a family gathering, but it was still incomplete.
my 4th bro wasn't coming home due to lack of holidays and workloads, never mind maybe next time..
it was a terrific diner, though lot of people at least we got a biiiiiiig table...
thanks to God for giving me such a loving and understanding family..
they always supporting me whether in my best or worst condition..
i'm totally glad for having all of you all by my side.
thank you so much...
do i make you proud?? never think so..
but i'll try and keep trying all my best for not letting all of you down..
that's my promise...
you can take my words
the food

the dishes

kimball with uda

enjoying till the last bite


ahmad and yayan

ahmad kinda fussy with his food, masterchef konon hehe


rayyan again

unsatisfied?? haha

yayan and ibu

mimie and cik na

aiman and ahmad


the next gen..

untill the nite

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it's a big burden dudes...

being a president for a club in the university is such a challenging task..
need to maintain my study and at the same time focusing on how to run the club with fun yet educational activities..
especially for the faculty association..
argh..lots to do..


rite now I'm messing my own mind with the strategic plan for the club..
what the.....
this Friday, need to present it in front of UiTM KT's vice rector and his fellows..
kinda nervous.. I'll try my best
this all for you DiSA (Diploma in Science Association)
such a big burden..
in fact i need to sacrifice my holiday huargh...
be strong...


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life as a teenage r.o.b.o.t

being a teenager?? suck sometimes.. remembering the childhood camaraderie, life's so sweeeet..
entering the campus life lot of thing happened
i enjoyed being a robot compared being a human
no need to think bout any problem, life so smooth....
transformed me into a CYBORG plz..
sometimes being a normal teenager i feel not so happy..
hormone imbalance?? "period"ic table?? guys also got "period"ic table?? refer to my post before..
friends are okay with me..
but when we're living together many things happened whether good or bad
just absorb it into your mind slowly
i stuck with my own principle's of life
it's means, if possible dont gave others trouble.. if we still or able to do something we need to try our best not to trouble others..
si gondolan



so sweeeeetttt


sooh nok perabih se balang

we're the heroes

puss in boots in 3D, i slept in the middle of the story..hahha
hate to admit, i caused lot of troubles to many people around me.. especially my lil bro
sorry bro..
sometimes i think that you're the big brother and i'm the lil ones
maybe it because of my naturally-born as the last child in the family..
i think you peeps dont understand the situation rite..
actually we're not biologically related
but he's like a lil bro to me and sometimes i got envy with him..
why?? i also dunno why..
MENTAL hahaha
i care him so much, i got a good quality as a brother

p/s: always wearing my mickey's shirt.. does anyone wanna sponsor other shirt for me??
      my birthday is around the corner huahuahua

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male also have hormone imbalance...

Assalamualaikum wbt
male also have hormonal imbalance??
sound weird rite?? but it's totally damn true..
so girls, if your guys in a great depression he might also has his hormonal imbalance not just only you can be moody all the time..
check it out the symptoms
just for the knowledge

Male Hormone Imbalance

If you have been or are currently experiencing
Difficulty Passing Urine
Prostate Inflammation
Headaches / Migraines
Mood swings / Depression
Inability to lose weight
Foggy thinking / Memory loss
Lack of interest in Sex
Water retention / Bloating
Low Blood Sugar
Adult Acne
Reduced Muscular Strength
Enlarged Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction
Lowered Libido
Burning Sensation Urinating
Panic / Weeping
Blood Sugar Imbalance
Leg / Muscle Cramps
Feelings of being crazy
Swollen feet / ankle
Low Thyroid symptoms
Low Sperm Count
Lack of Sex Drive
Prostate Cancer
Breast Enlargement
Rapid Weight loss
Hair loss
Anger / Irritability
Bone loss (Osteoporosis)
Age and Liver spots
Dry aging skin
… then you may be experiencing Hormone Imbalance in your Body!

What is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormone Imbalance is a man-made Imbalance of the 20th Century. The industrial world we live in today, the Petrochemically Polluted Environment, and the diet all contribute to the exposure of the human body to high levels of Synthetic Estrogen which is the main cause of Hormone Imbalance. Today most men experience these symptoms at an early age of 40 years.
The Petrochemical Products we are constantly exposed to cause high levels of Estrogen in the body which cause a malfunction of the Endocrine System of the Body and create a Hormone Imbalance situation.
In order to understand how Hormone Imbalance begins, it is useful to look at the natural aging process of the human body. The levels of the male sex hormone Testosterone decrease with advancing age, and the ratio of Testosterone to Estrogen falls. Further, due to exposure to the environment and diet, the Estrogen levels rise still further and lower this ratio further.
Enlarged Prostate which affects approximately 50% of the male population above the age of 50 and over 75% of the male population above the age of 70 is due to Hormone Imbalance in the body. Traditionally this was due to the aging of the body but has become more pronounced in the last couple of decades due to the Petrochemically Polluted Environment we live in and the Hormone rich diet we eat.
blew up

though it's sound weird..
it's a reality
so guys beware..
we also can "datang bulan" kot... hehehe

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too much thinking can lead to a greater problem..~ 大変~

Assalamualaikum wbt.
hi peeps, my entries for a few days.. quite emo..
lots of stuff happened..
relationship? study? friendship? financial?
urgh.. sucks to absorb all the probs into my head.
i need to be strong.. がんばろう。。できるよ!
i think i knew my greatest weakness and prob
it's all caused by ME
i'm a great thinker (poyos) heheh
but think too much can make my day the worst day ever..
from a small matter, i make it bigger issue and more problematic and think of it thoroughly though don't need to do so..
i think it's all caused by the scientific attitude that naturally exist in myself hahaha, critical thinking
as a scientist, we need to have a critical thinking skills... maybe sbb tu kot terbawak-bawak in real life.
and yet my greatest weakness is.............
i cared too much bout what people's think and comment about, thus make me too secure in everything i do.
it's good too think bout something but if we over do it, it hurt ourselves back rite??
sooooo no use of thinking??
we need to think our prob lightly kot...
Lenka said "Trouble Is A Friend", kepale hotak hang Lenka, trouble is a friend?? WTH
if no troubles and probs in this world, we'll live in peace and harmony rite..
though some people said that with probs and troubles our day will become fancy and not dull at all..
i prefer to live in the world without probs.
if we cared bout people but people don't care bout us it's no use in living in this world
i learned that in this world 2 ways communication is the most vital in our everyday life.
"Give & Take"
if we just receiving too much, it's not fair to the other party rite..
learn from your mistakes laa peeps..
everybody's not perfect
we've our own weakness, don't be too proud of ourselves laa kay..
think about it
don't think too much, cause it'll cause and made your day become worst and bad..
stays cheerful and carefree...
selamat beramal~

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