accidentally on purposes!!

hye peeps
dunno why kinda eager this morning updating my dusty blog huhuhu
dont wanna write much for this entry
just sharing some old pics during my foundation time in UTM and INTEC
it's officially 2 years they leaves me behind staying in in this country..
waaaaa no more tears... best of luck to all of you guys...
accidentally found old photos in my hard disk hehehe
let entering the ”日本人の時代”
my kanojyou.. miss her damn much hahah

一年生(桜クラス) 1st year Sakura class



おわき先生 ( Mr. Owaki aka Phy's Lecturer)

児玉先生 (Mr. Kodama aka Chem's Lecturer)
ak takoot die siyes2 tp tdo gak lam klas haha

長谷川先生 (Mr. Hasegawa aka Jap's Lecturer)
Lecturer jpon ak yg plg sengal..

org kate mamat jpon yg tgh tu hot, bese2 je ak tgk
a visit from Jap student to INTEC

伊戸先生 (Dr. Ito Mitsumasa aka Phy's Lecturer)
ak respek gle kat die
btol ke kanji name diu tu??
if wrong  ごめんね。。

岩原先生( Miss/Mrs Iwahara aka Jap's Lecturer)
status skrg xtau sbb dlu die kate da nak kawen
sempoi abes lecturer ni

although it's been 2 years, i'll always remember all the memories
the time we laughed, we cried and studied together
never be erased from my memory box...
distant will never tears us apart
best wishes to all KANAK-KANAK RIANG KTJ01
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