too much thinking can lead to a greater problem..~ 大変~

Assalamualaikum wbt.
hi peeps, my entries for a few days.. quite emo..
lots of stuff happened..
relationship? study? friendship? financial?
urgh.. sucks to absorb all the probs into my head.
i need to be strong.. がんばろう。。できるよ!
i think i knew my greatest weakness and prob
it's all caused by ME
i'm a great thinker (poyos) heheh
but think too much can make my day the worst day ever..
from a small matter, i make it bigger issue and more problematic and think of it thoroughly though don't need to do so..
i think it's all caused by the scientific attitude that naturally exist in myself hahaha, critical thinking
as a scientist, we need to have a critical thinking skills... maybe sbb tu kot terbawak-bawak in real life.
and yet my greatest weakness is.............
i cared too much bout what people's think and comment about, thus make me too secure in everything i do.
it's good too think bout something but if we over do it, it hurt ourselves back rite??
sooooo no use of thinking??
we need to think our prob lightly kot...
Lenka said "Trouble Is A Friend", kepale hotak hang Lenka, trouble is a friend?? WTH
if no troubles and probs in this world, we'll live in peace and harmony rite..
though some people said that with probs and troubles our day will become fancy and not dull at all..
i prefer to live in the world without probs.
if we cared bout people but people don't care bout us it's no use in living in this world
i learned that in this world 2 ways communication is the most vital in our everyday life.
"Give & Take"
if we just receiving too much, it's not fair to the other party rite..
learn from your mistakes laa peeps..
everybody's not perfect
we've our own weakness, don't be too proud of ourselves laa kay..
think about it
don't think too much, cause it'll cause and made your day become worst and bad..
stays cheerful and carefree...
selamat beramal~

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