sweet camaraderie

Assalamualaikum wbt..
it's a Freaky Friday dudes, the last Friday for 2011
we'll be celebrating new years in 2 days thus celebrating my birthday in a few days more..
counting my birthday makes me looks and think older...hurgh....
i'm totally missing my friends rite now...
last nite i chatted with my exclassmate during my skooltime
it's totally awesome and  also sweet reminiscence to be remembered ; we talked, we laughed bout the past we made and experienced
as we grow older, there's a tons of problem are waiting for us
i wish i could turn back the time, and live in carefree and non-problematic world forever
people might say i'm such a boring and not interesting guy for not taking any risks in my life..
so what??
my best buddy in Faris, meso (engineer-to-be, UTP)

pjolyas (engineer-to-be, Spain), bulloh (engineer-to-be, Japan), payed (CEO-in-the-making, UTP)

Our Irish boy pokche (engineer-to-be, UTP)

he's such a good buddy, thanks dude for the support when i'm feeling so low..

though we still far apart, we built a strong bond between us

so much to say

dinner KTJ with Iwahara Sensei, kimi (engineer-to-be, Asahikawa Kosen, Japan), Azmeer (engineer-to-be, Nagano Kosen, Japan), Achik (engineer-to-be, Maizuru Kosen, Japan)

thanks for all motivations meer, i really appreciate you as a totally good and awesome person i've ever met on Earth
HELLO!! actually, i'm taking too much risk, that's why sometimes i think better play it safe than taking too much adventures in life.
rite now, my mind fly high up to the sky
remembering the sweet memories and the good camaraderie with all my "gang" especially in Faris not Paris kay..
living in boarding skool for 5 years really teach me a great value of friendship
it's hard to forget all of them, they seems such so understanding and so genuine
maybe because we're so naive that time so we won't do anything beyond our expectation rite..
differ in campus life, it's hard and harsh
full of many kinds of people, whether to choose a good or bad it's up to us
too much options
i'm not condemning anyone, but this is how i feel
people might think i'm an emo guy, so what?? anything wrong?? do i affecting your life?? nope rite..
peeps, i missing so much my oldies besties
besides, all of you now are in different regions of the world
everyone is busy with their works and studies, yeah kinda understand that same goes to me.
we've a different obligations rite now...
and i wish best of luck to all of you and do remember me wherever, whatever, whenever, what-so-ever you're doing rite now....
to Hafez (engineer-to-be, UTP) and Arief (architect-to-be, Cardiff UK) i couldn't find any pics of you dudes.. totally sorry
i'll always remember you guys...
jgn terase ati ek.. nati ak try search my hardisk again..again...and again
damn Friendster, all the pics of mine during skooltime was deleted..

p/s : sedeyh gop sposen when i'm thinking bout myself, my frens achieving their greatest moment in life; being an engineer, a architect, a doctor, a dentist.... but me?? nothing... hurm... it's all Allah fate.. la tahzan.. maybe there's a rainbow waiting for me somewhere or somehow but not now...

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  1. It's OK Pijie :) Reminiscing the past is sometimes will motivate you provided that you refresh the positive moments that we shared. Indeed, we should thank the past for our better future. You learn, fail and fall, and next time this lesson shall teach you that success never be like a straight line, it always happen to be the other way around----> almost for all people. The success is avail for everyone who put up efforts for it, so never regret for what you've done before. there will always time for those who willing to learn. Verily, for every hardship, there should be an ease.

  2. thanks dude..
    may Allah bless in everything we do..