male also have hormone imbalance...

Assalamualaikum wbt
male also have hormonal imbalance??
sound weird rite?? but it's totally damn true..
so girls, if your guys in a great depression he might also has his hormonal imbalance not just only you can be moody all the time..
check it out the symptoms
just for the knowledge

Male Hormone Imbalance

If you have been or are currently experiencing
Difficulty Passing Urine
Prostate Inflammation
Headaches / Migraines
Mood swings / Depression
Inability to lose weight
Foggy thinking / Memory loss
Lack of interest in Sex
Water retention / Bloating
Low Blood Sugar
Adult Acne
Reduced Muscular Strength
Enlarged Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction
Lowered Libido
Burning Sensation Urinating
Panic / Weeping
Blood Sugar Imbalance
Leg / Muscle Cramps
Feelings of being crazy
Swollen feet / ankle
Low Thyroid symptoms
Low Sperm Count
Lack of Sex Drive
Prostate Cancer
Breast Enlargement
Rapid Weight loss
Hair loss
Anger / Irritability
Bone loss (Osteoporosis)
Age and Liver spots
Dry aging skin
… then you may be experiencing Hormone Imbalance in your Body!

What is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormone Imbalance is a man-made Imbalance of the 20th Century. The industrial world we live in today, the Petrochemically Polluted Environment, and the diet all contribute to the exposure of the human body to high levels of Synthetic Estrogen which is the main cause of Hormone Imbalance. Today most men experience these symptoms at an early age of 40 years.
The Petrochemical Products we are constantly exposed to cause high levels of Estrogen in the body which cause a malfunction of the Endocrine System of the Body and create a Hormone Imbalance situation.
In order to understand how Hormone Imbalance begins, it is useful to look at the natural aging process of the human body. The levels of the male sex hormone Testosterone decrease with advancing age, and the ratio of Testosterone to Estrogen falls. Further, due to exposure to the environment and diet, the Estrogen levels rise still further and lower this ratio further.
Enlarged Prostate which affects approximately 50% of the male population above the age of 50 and over 75% of the male population above the age of 70 is due to Hormone Imbalance in the body. Traditionally this was due to the aging of the body but has become more pronounced in the last couple of decades due to the Petrochemically Polluted Environment we live in and the Hormone rich diet we eat.
blew up

though it's sound weird..
it's a reality
so guys beware..
we also can "datang bulan" kot... hehehe

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