we're The HARUNIAN or ZAUDIAN'S clans aka "The Big Family Gathering"

Assalamualaikum wbt...
on 24th December we held a family gathering at a restaurant nearby our house..
the feast seems simple just the same food goes around like always ; tom yum, siakap 3 rasa, bla bla bla...
it was the day i arrived at home for my midsem break after presenting the strategic plan for my club at UiTM Dungun.. actually i'm kinda proud of myself for my presentation huhuhu ( hand pat on my shoulder's mood)
it's because i totally glad with my "goreng" style
i'm not a confident guy but when i talked, i'm gonna make sure the panel attracted with me... at last I DID IT hahaha...
lot of us kena hentam kow2 with the panels.. no exception for myself but at least, at the end of their comment they satisfied with my presentation and we got a congratulation wish from them wohooo... feels like flying dudes...
it's been a week i slept late at nite to finish the slide's content and also got to study for my quizzes and test..
worth doing~
okay back to the story
actually there's nothing cool happened, we just enjoying our dinner as a big family fully sponsored by my eldest sister, Kak Long.. love you sis, thanks so much...totally full that nite!!!!
it's been a long time for us to held a family gathering, but it was still incomplete.
my 4th bro wasn't coming home due to lack of holidays and workloads, never mind maybe next time..
it was a terrific diner, though lot of people at least we got a biiiiiiig table...
thanks to God for giving me such a loving and understanding family..
they always supporting me whether in my best or worst condition..
i'm totally glad for having all of you all by my side.
thank you so much...
do i make you proud?? never think so..
but i'll try and keep trying all my best for not letting all of you down..
that's my promise...
you can take my words
the food

the dishes

kimball with uda

enjoying till the last bite


ahmad and yayan

ahmad kinda fussy with his food, masterchef konon hehe


rayyan again

unsatisfied?? haha

yayan and ibu

mimie and cik na

aiman and ahmad


the next gen..

untill the nite

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  1. happy family..look so nice when everyone gathering together=)

  2. Send my regards to your mom bru :)