life as a teenage r.o.b.o.t

being a teenager?? suck sometimes.. remembering the childhood camaraderie, life's so sweeeet..
entering the campus life lot of thing happened
i enjoyed being a robot compared being a human
no need to think bout any problem, life so smooth....
transformed me into a CYBORG plz..
sometimes being a normal teenager i feel not so happy..
hormone imbalance?? "period"ic table?? guys also got "period"ic table?? refer to my post before..
friends are okay with me..
but when we're living together many things happened whether good or bad
just absorb it into your mind slowly
i stuck with my own principle's of life
it's means, if possible dont gave others trouble.. if we still or able to do something we need to try our best not to trouble others..
si gondolan



so sweeeeetttt


sooh nok perabih se balang

we're the heroes

puss in boots in 3D, i slept in the middle of the story..hahha
hate to admit, i caused lot of troubles to many people around me.. especially my lil bro
sorry bro..
sometimes i think that you're the big brother and i'm the lil ones
maybe it because of my naturally-born as the last child in the family..
i think you peeps dont understand the situation rite..
actually we're not biologically related
but he's like a lil bro to me and sometimes i got envy with him..
why?? i also dunno why..
MENTAL hahaha
i care him so much, i got a good quality as a brother

p/s: always wearing my mickey's shirt.. does anyone wanna sponsor other shirt for me??
      my birthday is around the corner huahuahua

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