rainy days, brakes and new year's eve...

raining cats and dogs??
Assalamulaikum wbt peeps...
today is the last day for the year 2011...
hurm... one more years and i'm getting older lorh
s'okay it's part of our growing phase
back to the topic
3 things actually 2 things another one is an addition and just got an inspiration...so sudden...
2 things i will remember the most is bout rainy days and brakes
why?? hahaha kinda sort of "sweet" memories with these 2 stuffs
rainy days, whether it was raining cats and dogs or kitty and mice or what-so-ever la
hurm it's good for us to stay in the house, cuddling in our futon or blanket, soooo nice and warm
brakes can be anything, bicycle's brake, hydraulic brakes and so on
so what with these 2 stuffs??
it's just happened 30 minutes ago..
when i remember bout it, i will chuckle and laugh to myself... lunatic...
how stupid and clumsy i'm
actually it happened when i ride my bro's motorcycle to fetch my other bro at the bus station from KL
yeah i admit that i'm not an expert in driving the motorcycle but not that "mat rempit" also
but, i enjoyed driving fast hahhaa... the feeling fuuuhhh... hard to define
i thought i was already late and so i ride a "lil" bit faster, concerning my bro is waiting for me... such a good lil bro rite..
at of the traffic light suddenly it turned red, i tried to put an effort to make it stop...
then it spun around hahaha
i.m totally glad that there's no other vehicles in front or in my back fuhh...
thanks God...
nothing happened just a lil scratches only... here and there..
it doesn't hurt at all but maluuuuuu hahha
during that moment there's a car try to stop by and asking "okay dop??"
hahaha i just laughed... he saw me...dam... but i'm glad today i'm goin back to campus already hahha
same goes to the last sem..
it was the first day of our final examination
BEL311's paper...
again when i remember this "accident" i will laugh to myself
that time i was with Beduh, my rumates
we were in hurry, just another 10 mins left before entering the exam's hall
and that day was a Monday, "Corporate's Day" typical UiTM's style..
it was rainy day... again... i kinda got some chemistry lah with rainy days...
so i started my bikes downstairs then when he jumped onto the bikes...
out in the blue, our bike lost control... hahahah
we almost fall in the drain hahahha, luckily we don't
i couldn't stop laughing...
our smart and casual's clothes was covered with dirt and mud hahaha
our hostel is kinda flat-house style thus if anything happened people or neighbour around will "jenguk" to see what had happened... so embarassing...
tak sakit langsung just sort of maluuu giler that moment
we still continued our journey towards the exam's hall
along my journey to the hall, people keep asking what happened
we don't change our clothe cos lack of time, we afraid that we'll barred from taking the exam if we were late.. that paper is kinda killer also..
some bloods and wound at our hand..
we answered the paper with wet yet uncomfortable condition hahha
in the hall i keep staring at him, i'm afraid that he's not okay... but when he stared back at me, we chuckled... actually we afraid that the invigilator might suspected we were copying each other but the distant is toooo far between me and him... illogically and impossible...
Beduh Mat Zain
but alhamdulillah i still got an A for that paper and Beduh scored B..
i wont forget that memories...
my new year's resolution??
nothing accomplished hahah
okay for this new year
i'm hoping that i'll be blessed by Allah in everything i do..
i do hope for upcoming 3 sems i can maintain my CGPA and score 4flat again..
hoping for another prosperous year and no more stress and problems surround me yuhuuuu

i also hoping that my family, friends and all the muslims and all the people in the world will be in their greatest condition and keep the world safe...
make peace peeps...
bye 2011, welcome 2012

p/s: today i'm returning back to campus, midsem is so shortla.... i need more and extra sleeping time.. after this there'll be a lot of tests and quizzes waiting for us... argh........
celebrating my new year's eve in the bus lorh...
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  1. where there is rain, there will be an accident of you..such a bad luck u have with rain..hehehe