Having....A BLAST!!!

Assalamulaikum peeps..
not much to say
just uploading some pics during my birthday's celebrations..
thanks to AFIQ for the party..
totally have a blast...
susah-susah aje...
mood : happy but sad..
actually it was a duo celebration
mine with daus...
"Upacara Menepung Tawar" totally aweseome...
everyone turned into walking zombie..

daus excited gilerrr
menepung tawar

Plant vs Zombies

abeh muke abg aaron hahah

with the organizer, siot buat bash kat ak...xpe2

ayin the last one standing in proud


shakirin... (zombie's tone)

which one is the zombiest?? hahah



p/s : credited to ahmad ayin for the pics.. thanks a lot...

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