ENT300 : Bob & The Bookstore

Assalamualaikum peeps
for this entry, xnak ckp byk sgt
let the pics talks more okay..
pics taken during our presentation for ENT300 (*credited to Ayin)
Bob & The Bookstore; made up of five hot, sizzling, irresistible, insatiable, gorgeous & finger lickin' good bachelors (kinda exaggerating *take note!!)
we were opening a bookstore and i'm as a Marketing Manager
ak marketing pon xtau spth hareeem hahaha
too much stress but alhamdulillah
stress gilooo kot subjek ni pabila budak2 science balaja bisness, gnila jadinyer
yuhuuu thanks Miss Nadiah, will always love you heheh

Choose the best male model plz..hahaha


argh...gnome's there??


the end
p/s: so much fun + pressure = KO

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