The Avengers Fuh....!

Assalamualaikum peeps
tomorrow's Teacher's Day yuhuuuu
why am i so excited??
the reason is not because of the presents la but.... no need to teach for another day hahaha
dapat hadiah ke?? no la i'm just a sub lorh...
for this post i would like to make some movie's review on the new-box-office-king-movie
of course la beb THE AVENGERS....fuh... i loike

though it's sound childish but i'm totally enjoy the movie
2 and half hours was totally a worth paying, worth going and worth watching movie
i went to StarMall, Mentakab GSC a day after the movie was released
early bird lorh...
kinda ok and love it
my nephews were damn into it hahah
kinda funny when it was their first time to enter the cinema to watch movie

if you wanna watch this movie, it's advised for you to watch Thor first
to understand more bout the conflict between Loki and Thor
glad i've already watch Thor! so i'm kinda understand the clash between the characters
actually the story quite same with other superheroes movie
what makes it better cause it gathered many popular characters and superheroes in a movie
for me it's totally a brilliant idea
the best character is Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.
he's a versatile and a good actor
a credit should be given to him for his work

p/s: thanks to my big bro for sponsoring through all the day, from Cowboy untill StarMall McD...
      msuk gaji nati turn ak lak tp dunno when hahaha...

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