mirror mirror on the wall...

portraying myself
you can put the blame on me
yup... honestly
i'm the one to blame..
if you're reading this
i'm reflecting my own self
find my mistakes and try to correct it
wanna forget all the memories between us? go ahead it's your choice
i'm not going to mad at you
have a nice day, nice journey, nice life..
i'm soooo sick of taking care of other people's feeling
but mine??
anyone cares??
enough with this thing...
please erase all the memories between us and starting from this day onwards...
you're completely a stranger to me

sorry for everything
may Allah bless all the good deeds you did to me..
thanks a lot
i'm respecting you as a good friend
babaiiiii friend...

p/s: bak kate meso ngn bull, feeling like a jerk trying to fight with his hormone??
      not estrogen, but testosterone laa
      don't worry i'm gonna be okay soon
yeah baby...

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