missing you..

assalamualaikum peeps
not in a good condition lorh..
weeks full of tests, quizzes and assignments
あきらめないで ピジ君

missing you so much..
mom and dad
maa and abah
bler la bleh balik kg ni??
tomorrow's nite got PHY250's test
on wed got QMT245's quiz
on thurs got BIO250's test
like and love my life so much
dear JPA plis add your salary to me more...
i'm totally in stress now
plus with some financial probs haiya...
my scholars still not enough maa
what did i bought??
nothing meh
shopaholics?? no la..
just a little kot but not damn crazy shopaholics lorh
k la..
feeling better now

p/s: mandi, solat, start blajo PHY again, again, and again...
      wish me luck!!!
striving towards it

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