I got some talent meh....

Assalamualaikum peeps
how's your day??
hehehe no idea at all lar...
for this entry i would like to share some events that happened in my campus
last weekend i got the inter-faculty debate competition
both languages english and malay
to my surprises i represented the english's team for my faculty..
huhuhuh freaking fantastic yooo
my team consists of me, ayin, anish and fared
never think that i got some courages to do so
Alhamdulillah with His' will my team and the bm's team made to final
it was a tough competition
sadly for english's debate, the competition is not that tough since AC, OM and BM already withdrawn from the competition... for our team it is a good sign to win huhu
not to brag but that's the truth, mode: hand patted on my shoulder heheh

for the first round it was quite shaky
"The goverment should allow the student to do practical abroad"
we were the opposition side
we won with big margin 10.6, jury 5:0
best debater : Ahmad Syakirin
1st round

ada gaya PM?

for second round
"Loves should come before marriage"
this time we were the government
once again we won with big margin 12, jury 3:0
best debater : Fared Amil
2nd round

The Black Parade

for final round, we turned into "Pinky Boys"
inspired by Fared Amil
hahaha it's kinda funny anyway
"The change of mathematics and science in malay is because of the teacher and not the student"
this time we were the government
it was a nerve wrecking situation, but we manage to "scare" the opposition side hehe
sorry guys it's a gimmick only
we won with big margin 10.5, jury 5:0
best debater : Ahmad Syakirin
when is mine being the best debater?? no luck la man...
i never had an experienced in debating before, this is my first time
forget to say i was the Prime Minister or 1st speaker for my team
nervous doe~
Alhamdulillah everything went well
Pinky PM

Pinky 2nd Minister aka best debater huhu

Pinky Minister of Defence


With the trophy
the finalist

Pink's Group

with anish


Afieq our manager

for bm's team
you rock guys
as a President of DiSA, i'm totally proud with all of you
luck is not by our side but s'okay
next time try harder
diorg menang 3:2 jer
klu x, faculty kite menang besar da kot hehe
BM's finalists

dun worry...
next entry i'll upload the pics of joy!!
thanks for reading..

p/s: thanks to Fatma, Nieyda and Fared for the pics

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