stay the same

Assalamualaikum peeps..
A very good Jumaat morning lorh..
today i'm gonna having a picnic with my classmates... excited...
i'm trying to get all the probs from my mind... kinda releasing it
enough is enough
today i'm gonna share 1 of my favourite song during my high school's year
APEZ... (if you're reading this entry!!)
lagu time motivational camp dulu
Stay The Same???
Abg Raja?? do you still remember??
you're totally addicted and soooooo into it rite
ak bru tau singer die Joey Mcintyre..
this song is kinda moderate and just a soooo-sooo
but the words behind the song... meaningful...
for the emo-identity-troublemaker like me
it fits me a lot
"to Afiq"
this song might fit our feeling
we just need to believe in ourselves don't wish we were someone else
just enjoy it
the background music in my blog can be paused
sorry for the inconvenient...

p/s: i'm such a problematic person and I KNEW IT!!
      life aren't that great, but we need to enjoy to the fullest
      there's no way to escape any probs in this world..
      astalavista bebehhh...

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  1. Indeed, I always read your entries :) Hahha, that song is really inspiring people. Keep motivated bro :)

  2. ohh my Allah ! i love this song too :)
    dato, try dgr these :
    1. If you're not the one by Danial Beningfield
    2. Anyone of us by Gareth Gates
    3. Angels brought me here by Guy Sebastian

    COOLssssss .. ^^
    XOXO 'Datin' :P

    1. yup2
      yg daniel bedingfield tu dato' tau
      yg gareth gates ngn guy sebastians tu penah dgr name je
      lagu xtau lak