Let Me be Myself..

Assalamualaikum and hye peeps..
doin fine??
huhuhu hoping so
hurm life's so colourful rite, we can meet many unique and strange person
true friend is the hardest to find in this real world
my best buddy

missing you both

thanks for always be by my side

although we were in our toughest condition

if you've been adding someone to your social network's page then you removed him/her just because of the misunderstood what does that mean to you??
do you feel angry??
do you feel annoyed??
do we need to do so to feel better??
friends is like a time bomb

but it's up to you, you're the user
i'm not gonna mad to anyone
just taking some times to ponder about
don't misjudge people due to their looks or appearances
try to understand and talk to them
sometimes they might be busy or having some probs about doing something that's why he/she not ignoring you, who knew rite??
sometimes friends also has their other obligations to something rite?? not just to sit and always stay by your sides only
remember the quote had said "We might have the same black hairs, but our heart is totally differ to each other"
prob relating to heart/feeling is the hardest to understand yooo
i hate it, seriously
but this is the reality
we need to understand others and others will try to understand us
it's like a symbiosis
but sometimes i feel like a ball which can be kicked to anywhere by those people
when the got the prob, they'll find us and when they don't need use anymore they'll kick us to somewhere else
however that's LIFE
am i lovable??
nope!! i'm truly annoyable

p/s: soooo tired lorh
      this week is full with replacement class
      next week is gonna full with quizzes and tests maaaa

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