A Remember To Dear Heart...

mending a broken heart

Dear Heart,
Feelings can take over a person in a heartbeat,
People learn how to demolish them in a blink of an eye,
Face every problem head on.

Dear Heart,
The feeling no one can ever control is LOVE,
It's a deep true feeling,
No one can deny it.

Dear Heart,
Read this entry thoroughly, open your heart, mind and soul when you read this,
I heart you everytime,
I've been mean to you and i knew it.

Dear Heart,
It's hard to define the real feeling in you,
Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we hurt the most,
Don't love the other heart just because of her look cause it won't last.

Dear Heart,
Love she just the way she is rite now,
Accept any weakness that she has willingly,
Don't do something just because of lust.

Dear Heart,
Pray for Allah for you to keep and stay calm
He knew what's best for you
Insyallah together, we'll find our way...

p/s: thanks to my secret admirer for giving me an inspiration to post this (ader secret admirer ke??)
      no plagiarism from the net
      love is just a feeling, we the  who manipulate it
      don't let it controls us
      a note from a loner, myself...
      i keep wondering why heart should color pink or red??

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  1. yea.. could'nt agree more.. dont let the feelings control you, you should control them..