Assalamualaikum peeps...
long time no see...
*bajet ramai yg bace blog ni..hahaha*
it's been the busiest time in my life.. sigh..
sometimes i admit that i hate being in the working atmosphere
maybe i'm not ready yet
it's almost 3 weeks now
sometimes ok and sometime ko
loooooooooooooooooooooorh sooooooo tireeeeedddd maaaaaa!!!
my everyday's routine now was totally isn't cool at all
i'm not ready yet to work kot...
i think i enjoying studying damn much
in fact, i'm not studying to be a teacher kan??
i was born to be a scientist looooo
gonna share my everyday routine now as a damn-good-looking teacher hahah
wake-up as early at 6 a.m. and sleep at 11 p.m. EVERYDAY!!!

morning- assembly, mengajor, lunch then balik
evening- homework sket, xpon tgk movie.
nite- as a tutor for my nephews from year 1 till form 3, bagus Pak Sedare die heheh

morning- xde pape yg menarik, masuk then kuar kelas
evening- extra class for UPSR, damn exhausted until 3.30 p.m.
nite- tutor's time

morning- extra-co or club's day, then mengajor, back home
evening- tido or movie or badminton
nite- tutor lg...

morning- the day that i dont want to enter the class plus BAJU BATIK... kelas bebudak quite hyper.. tensen gop aku kekadang tp sabo jela.. dugaan bekerja.. da la kelas pack hrito...
evening- tido and so on....
nite- TUTOR
mostly my year 3 and 4 students are all like this...

morning- the best day in a week, half day working yuhuuuu
evening- resting moment..
nite- EST ( extra sleeping time)

morning till nite- lepak-ing's day..

morning till evening- lepak or jejalan
nite- HARI MENGGOSOK SEDUNIA (stock for the whole week damn useful to pile up for a whole week), tido awl coz esok nak masuk keje...

p/s: just wanna share my routine.. quite boring but totally exhausted in a whole week. i can image how tired the working people.. those in the govt's sector...damn tired lorh... ready or not?? we're gonna face it soon..
siyesly i dont wanna be a teacher, a big NO! it's fun but teaching is not in my soul..... sorry...
to all my friends, sorry for neglecting you peeps... damn busy.. hope you'll understand

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