it's almost a week!!

hye peeps
almost a week already la der
i've been working as a teacher at SKJP2
excited to go to class every morning

actually it's kinda funny
hard to define my feeling when the first time they were calling me "cikgu"

i teach Science for standard 3,4,5 and extra class for standard 6
pergh... guru cemerlang....
also teach KT and PSK...
ntah pape, aku sendiri pon xtau pape bndalah tu

sometimes i keep doubting my ability that can i be a good teacher??
the most xbleh blah moment is when i was teaching my nephew's class
sometimes i got used to call the name at home
it was my first time as a teacher la kan..
sometimes i got blurred in class
but alhamdulillah still can back up all my mistakes
being a teacher is totally-damn-hard
i admit it
need to wake up early
need to sleep as early 11pm
everyday gosok kemeja
nite before the class need to prepare some stuffs to be used during P&P
never think that i'm able to do so..
but alhamdulillah everything going well till now
my profession is not a teacher, i'm still a student
but seem i'm enjoying my work rite now
kdg-kdg rase budak kecik ni annoying sesangat but i take a deep breath a think positively
"budak-budak" need to be patient with them

to all my friends..
sorry guys, i'm totally busy
my bad for neglecting all of you...
new sem getting started sooooooooooon
sabor ek...

p/s: hargailah jasa guru... siyesly... skang aku btol2 rase pergh memang besar tugas seorang guru...
      thanks to all my teachers for teach me to be a "person" rite now...

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