can i be a good educator??

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Assalamualaikum peeps..
seems my blog is kinda quiet for a while
actually my semester holide just get started lorh..
it's almost 2 month breaks
it seems a long semester i thought..
some of my frens are working, loathing, sleeping at home
qada' all the activities that we couldn't accomplish during the study time
for me...
up until now, i'm doing nothing
actually i'm applying to a subs teacher at my sister's school
cuak gak sposen
kak long told me my chances to get the job is almost 90%
can i be a good teacher??
i think i'm no good in teaching..
so....what the hell???
yang ko pegi gatal mintak tu pehal der???
takot dow...seriously....
i might be teaching the primary school student
primary school pon still student rite??

bukan memain ni...
da pening pale hotak den duk pikir
i think this might be a good exposure for me towards the working atmosphere that i'm gonna fit in soon
so better give a shot...
mane la tau rezeki duk kat situ ke
i've never expexted myself to be a teacher or an educator
coz rite now i'm aiming to be a good dentist, InsyaAllah
people might says that i'm good in my study then i can teach the people easily
that's not rite la...
there are certain people they're good in their study but they're not good in teaching other people
accept the fact
camner ni wey???
kalu kna ajar Science, Math or English ok kot
but if the other subjects mati ak...
actually still dunno the exact result
tomorrow kak long will call for confirmation
if i'm in it means that tomorrow by hook or by crook i need to go back to Terengganu
all my shirts, trousers and ties are there
never been expecting to work during my sem's break
abehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh semester's break ak...
sabo je la
to others, enjoy your holide still you can okai...
p/s: Running Man best kot... totally awesomes...nice show...

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  1. jie!!!!! i love it toooo!! selamat pagi cikgu! :)