being a metro sexual person does'nt means he's a homosexual person

actually i'm quite interested with this topic
i read a few articles bout this stuff and its kinda interesting and made me to know more..
so let share bout some fun trivia and facts that i get from the reading
it's not wrong at all for guys to look "pretty", but in a right way
not by wearing a woman's clothes, dragtitude or being a "pondan"
but we can be or looking good in certain ways
in my opinion, it's not weird for a guy to wear body lotion, lip balm, hand's sanitizer or even moisturizer..
it's for our skins or body protection..
so why do we afraid or shame to do so??
maybe it's caused by the perspective of our Malaysian people
my friends told me in Japan it's not strange at all for guys to wear lip balm or lotion in the public area, but in Malaysia?? No need to mention that... weird...
i read an article wrote by Dexter Mickens, so let share bout it
According to Wikipaedia, metrosexuals are described as: heterosexual men with a serious concern for their physical appearance, or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically

The new term in style is metro sexual. It stands for a well-groomed man. It has nothing to do with his sexual preference. These are the men who get manicures, pedicures and facials, services that are usually utilized by women. Fashion, style and being well-groomed-it is being cool and is the latest trend with today’s man. Usher set the pace in his video, introducing you to this look-a buttoned-down shirt, dress jacket, ball-cap, a white tee and jeans, and well-groomed. “Metro Look” services separate him from your everyday man. These services do not make him less masculine and cool, just the opposite. Most women prefer a well-groomed male with all the extras. You are the judge…which would you prefer?
Some women prefer that hard-core thug, as Destiny’s Child deemed, “a soldier.” More today than ever you will see thugs, as they are called, “the hard masculine type,” in the beauty salons getting facials, manicures and pedicures. These men are considered metro sexual. They want that “look”, the look of being well-groomed and in style from head to toe. The metro sexual male does not have dirt underneath his fingernails and overgrown toenails. He wants the look of being sexy and stylish, whether he is at the beach or at the office. You will soon see salons opening that cater to just men, offering stylish cuts, massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Look for them soon. Every man will want to be pampered and well groomed, not just the metro sexual male.
It does not matter if you’re a thug, a professional or the everyday male; guys, continue to pamper yourselves. These are the things that most women want you to do. So learn to love yourself and take the time to “Do You.”
nak jd cam Fahrin..hakhak..
Hero Malaya??

Hollywood is the perfect breeding ground for the ‘met’ community, and here we compile the list of the world’s top 10 metrosexual celebs in no particular order:

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
When he isn’t adopting Third World kids with his wife, Pitt makes a fine living having unbelievably rock-hard abs and a somewhat chiselled face for a bloke of his years – he’s in his later 40s!. And by the way, did you see him in that Fight Club? Before you knew it, underground fighting was made a true spectator sport for a host of reasons.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
One odd thing about Hugh Jack man is that he’s widely known for playing Wolverine, a booze swilling man who would stab absolutely anyone looking at him sideways. You then see him in TV interviews or in his famous role as Peter Allen in the famous show Boy From Oz. Sorry dude, but you ain’t fooling nobody no more. We all know you spend most of your grooming time singing and singing bloody well for that matter.

Johnny Depp
Johny Depp
Whenever he appears on the red carpet, Johny Depp looks like a hybrid of the classic metrosexual and the homeless guy. Well, he’s just trying to hide his pretty face nature with some weird facial hair but you just know full well that he spends an hour or two on it every morning. And for that reason alone Johny,you will always remain a beacon of the metrosexual lifestyle. Oh and of course Jack Sparrow, ’nuff said!

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
We ain’t sure if you’ve seen the commercial for the recent ABA show that Kutcher produced. He’s just strutting down a huge hallway like a pretty model on the runway. Ashton Kutcher is all about the lovely hair which is possibly how he landed the gorgeous Demi Moore. Whatever you like to say about the masculinity of the metrosexual, he did land the queen of all cougars indeed!

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest
This bloke has to bleach his teeth at the very least once a day. Although I suppose when your primary talent is hosting stuff, the better you look, the easier it is for you to distract the audience from the ongoing real talent. One question though: does he still frost his hair?

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
In Brokeback mountain, Jake was much manlier than he is in real life. He’s got that brooding theatre man look who everyone knows ignored the birds in college to learn a few lines for the drama production. Now he’s fully grown up and the sort of bloke all theatre guys aspire to become – good looking, deep and most of all talented. Persona hardly comes naturally. It does take years of practice and tonnes of work.

David Beckham
David Beckham
How has he even have the time to be a football star when he spends so much time sprucing himself up so he looks prettier than Posh Spice? He’s certainly the quintessential metro bloke and most women and a load of men ain’t complaining about that either.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
He really did hit it big playing an elven archer and then showed the whole world his well-conditioned  curly brown locks. To this day, the debate still rumbles on as who is fitter in the Pirates films, Bloom or Johny Depp. In fact, I’m now thinking of writing my master’s thesis on this subject!

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
From a young pretty boy on Two Guys to Van Wilder to Hannibal the King in Blade, Reynolds just seem unable to escape his naturally feminine and soft look. Perhaps it’s down to that sweet funny bloke attitude or just the fact his hair is always in that messy spiky style. Even buffed up with weird facial hair, Ryan never looks like he’s worked a day in his whole bloody life!

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Quick – name a film in which Zac Efron doesn’t play a pretty boy singing to the lovely girl of his affection. I bet you couldn’t think of none. Oh and have you seen that wicked hair? An ordinary man surely can’t do that with his hair. I’ve tried, for a couple of hours.

so dudes...
what do you think??
a metro sexual guy is 100 percently is not a homosexual guy..
so girls
what's your opinion??
yo want a good looking guys or "selekeh" type with some body's odour??

Thanks For Reading. Do Comment If You Like


  1. ceh,,,nk oyk mu metrosexual ah??haha

  2. "a metro sexual guy is 100 percently is not a homosexual guy.." ke? some of d guys in d pics dkatekan homosexual oleh media barat sdiri...hurm..ntah la...

    1 more thing, i think moisturizer is 2 much 4 guys. esp in d public..too obvious. most of d mak nyahs pakai n they look HORIBBLE. sori 2 offences. =)

  3. hahahha
    it's up to us to think about it
    cam moisturizer tu pkai mlm2 da ah yg nite punyer..
    cam some of the country yg punye hot climate it's okay kot klu nak pkai kat public
    but Malaysia??
    dont think so
    btw 100% fact tu maybe my mistake
    tp xmesti straight guy kna nmpk selekeh an..
    just my thought

  4. thanks for commenting guys..
    atleast ad gak org bace blog ak kuakuakua

  5. to ayin
    in my opinion, tu speculation jer
    mostly of them have their own family and gf rite??
    mklumt lanjut ak xtau la plak diorg tu gay or homosexual or not
    just my reading on the net..
    no offence gak..

  6. i pon bangga jgak komen i dpt 3 rplies from u. haha...

  7. ceit
    komen mbgun
    we need to accept any critics to develop us rite..
    we're not perfect

  8. haha! aaaaaaaaayiiiiiiiin.. muncul dorh dio =,=