we luv u MOM!!

before my final was started
i went home during study week
to release and reduce some tension at college
campus life tons of problems and troubles
so complex....
so during the break my bro came back from Selangor
he's teaching at Kuala Selangor
still single and available

actually he was planning a surprise birthday party to our beloved mom
without telling me anything...huh....
it's okay
everything was sponsored by him
we cooked nasi ayam, my bro's recipe
i just lend my hand
as a result ..... lunch with nasi ayam + cheese cake
happy birthday mom
may Allah bless in everything you do
nothing cant change our love to you
you're the biggest supporter in our life
Abah also...
I'm totally glad to be in this family
to be someone like now...
thanks for teaching and guiding me to the right path...
nothing can repay all your good deeds...
may Allah do so...

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