the dream girl ??

hahha dreamgirls???

assalamualaikum wbt
up until now this is my bravest entry kot
i'm goin to discuss bout my dream or hope-to-be-my-wife
kuangkuangkuang...kinda "gedik" but s'okay
btw i'm 20++ now hehehe
when we talk bout future wife (for guy)/husband (for girl la) what'll come to pop up in our brain??
pretty face?? popular?? properties??
sume tu xleh bwk pegi akhirat la der...
i admit that i'm not a pious person..not that ustaz type..
but i know a lil bit on how to communicate with the opposite gender to us, the limits in our relationship and so on in the Islamic ways
i've been taking HKR course (Management of Family Institution) for 2sem, it's really helpful
do you know bout syiqaq?? dharar?? kahwin mut'ah?? we learned all this stuff
it's interesting to know bout this thing
one day i watched this malay drama, during the merisik time that girl doesn't ask anything from the male's side, not even a money, jewelries, diamonds and etc.......but she just asked senaskhah AlQuran which was read by her future hubby....waaa gempak abes...
so guys, how bout us?? khatam2 la AlQuran tu der... better reconsider it
fyi i already had my "sijil kursus kahwin" hahah
calon je xder..
back to the topic,
for me..

so sweet..

ala tomey awek sayer.. in my dream la hihi
  • the 1st characteristic of my future wife should have is she know a lil bit bout our religion in a rite way..xjd ustazah pon xper but she can guide me to the right path.. can read AlQuran, guide our childrens (waa ni da over sudeyh hahaa), she can guide me and at the same time i can guide her too. if both us is jahil in agama...disaster dunia and akhirat.. nauzubillah
  • next, she must be bertudung and covering all her aurat... i love the tudung type girl.. fashionable or not? up to her it's her own style.
  • not too pretty, just suit me.. i know who i'm and i accept it with an open heart hahah.
  • can understand and accept me just the way i am. she can accept all my weaknesses with her open heart.
  • know that i'm a type of family-guy person. my parent is my 1st priority, then she is. "syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu" for guys but for women it's upon his husband's blessing. REMEMBER THAT GIRLS
  • then, don't make a harsh decision and easily to discuss bout something or probs that occurred. i'm not a hot temper person, any prob can be discussed. but if you're silent, how i'm goin to correct my mistake??
  • dont be too jealous... jealous is good cause it shows that you care or love to someone  but dont over do it cause it'll make more troubles.
  • respecting my family as i respecting hers. it's a win win situation
  • she's a good cook. for me, a woman who can cook is an extra bonus for her especially the educated type woman. educated + good cook = your hubby will love you. you can seduce your hubby through your cook, trust me cair nyer.. for me it's la.. to others dunno..maybe.. plus i love to eat heheh
  • can entertain me when i'm in a bad situation or in a stressful condition. she's always ready to hear all my probs and together try to solve it..damn soooooo romantic...
  • be patient with my acts and "kerenah". sometimes it's a joke we'll try to make it but if it sorry that's why i need a patient type wife. but i'm not that bad la..
hurm.. looks hubby will sacrifice for his wife

damn true?? think about it
that's my thought how bout you??
it's not a fairytale, we can pray to Allah to give us the rite person for us to live with us in now and hereafter world..
for me to be married?? it's a loooooooooooong way to go
i'll finish up my study first, then working for few years, taking care of both my parent, then get married..
InsyAllah, it's all with Allah willin'
we just plan, He will do the rest for us
let's pray the good thing for our self 
people said that a good man is for a good woman..

i love this photo, taken from the net...excited giler laki die hahah

take a few seconds and starts to ponder bout it
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  1. aloh jie..ase xsabar lah plop nk nikoh kes mu tlis entry nie.haha

  2. nikoh lalu..
    jauhi maksiat
    ko guano??
    calon ado doh hahah
    ak jah xdop

  3. haha! terbaekk jie! haha. moga dipertemukan dgn insan yg terbaek di sisi Allah. insya Allah! =)