it's already 3 am. just wake up from my not-so-sleepy-nite.. my first plan to sleep for a few hours to reduce the fever then start to revise math... well... seems not happen. hate the feeling.. feeling nausea and my nose stuck like a glue..sigh... actually today we got a modul for part3 student, hate to admit it kinda boring and sometimes I think just wasting my sleeping time. tomorrow once again starts from 8am until 4pm...wawawa sounds nice like... think this fever might be the consequences of yesterday's nite prog with my phy lecturer. it's kinda late already but with the courage in our heart we went to the beach for a simple bbq and set up some fire. actually i'm enjoying the late nite outing maybe my body was too exhausted with lot of xtvties.

every nite got a meeting or class whether replacement class or my tutoring class. this sem i tried to enter choir stuff... hahahah actually its sound weird and not-so-me but let give a shot.. Glee Club?? sort of ~
thinking bout on how to manage my association is also so f***ing damn.. too many probs and not as we expected. it's a hard to manage a big club like this. i'm proudly announced that i'm the new president for Diploma In Science Association (DiSA) of UiTM KT. i'm not too willing at first to be the president, after some discussion with my friends they 'seduce' me to grab the position... actually nonsense isn't it?? i'll try my best to admin and manage DiSA as best as i can as part3 student... lack of confidence level and experience... managing a faculty's club is such a big burden to me... everyone will pointed their fingers towards me if there are any mistakes or problems. people always tend to realize our mistakes and neglecting and not considering our feeling... hello leader is also a human..not a machine. for those who voted me as your president thanks a lot for giving this burden to me, but with god willin i'll try my best....

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