damn... i was addicted !!!

Assalamualaikum wbt.
it's totally an addiction like morphine (literally) but not drug la man for me..
i'm really addicted to cooking show
especially this one..
i followed on every season..cool..
i know i'm not a good cook
but i enjoyed watching people cook enthusiastically, damn wanna be like them
what i enjoyed the most by watching this reality show is it's a good platform for an amateur chef to show their hidden talent..
most of the contestants do not have their basic in culinary, thus they just cook based on their own passion and interest only
servicing food in limited time, cook the food based on the proper method
i never thought that cooking is damn hard, lot of process harder than Calculus...sigh..
at home we usually "campak-campak" those thing, then pooooof finished
credit to Astro for trying to create this kinda show in Malaysia
usually US and Australia is lot better than us, but s'okay will be upgraded from time to time

Aussie's style
good platform for kids

keep it up.. good work!!
for MasterChef US, their judges is damn crazy...
Gordon Ramsay, botak one and gemuk tu
gemuk ones is the nicest, the other two is totally jahat sial..mulut cam longkang, xrespect org langsung
but although they were strict nak mampos, but their comment is totally honest and encouraging but need to be patient la ~
xcaye tgk la Hell'sKitchen totally like hell haha

botak (Joe Bastianich), Gordon Ramsay si setan, Graham Elliot

Aussie judges quite ok
kinda cute especially Gary and George
especially when they handling the Junior MasterChef show

Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, George Calombaris, botak dunno??

Malaysian judges..
i dunno them..honestly..
i just know Chef Riz, anak Chef Wann tu pon sbb iklan Prego hahah
but they seems quite professional too

Malaysian style : Priya, Riz, Yahaya, Zubir and Jo
my favourite contestant for Malaysian MasterChef are Ezani (Dentist) and Nik Michael (Student)
hope both of you'll be going to final..
best of luck
this one is for Junior MasterChef Australia, my fav are Sienna and Lucy..
cute nak mampos plus pndai masak plak tu..so sweeetttt..

age between 9-12, but cook like hell..tabik spring kat korang da la cute sekoq2

enough is enough hahah
addicted like drug haish.. in a good way s'okay..
so after watching this kinda cooking show,
i started to show off my hidden talent haha
like a dumb...
three meals was prepared during my sem's break..
kinda a good achievement la bro..
but xsmpt nak plating (new word got from the show) hahah

  Deep blue Fried Scallop??  ntah scallop ke oyster ak tibai jer for sure halal and kinda seafood

Happy Garden Salad with Chicken Fillet.. sesedap je bg name haha my signature dish (poyo)

Nyonya Can Do Better Mee, i'm full...

name of my dishes is totally created by myself not related to those who still alive or already dead
it's not good but it's my first trial at kitchen, (nmpk sgt ak mls hehe)
i'm totally proud of it, but nothing to be bragged of
sape nak try nati bukak sem mai umah sewa ktrg hahah
now i'm totally understand why people loves to cook
this because when we cooked we feel satisfied with our dishes
then, when people enjoy eating our cooks we'll feel more happy, something that cannot be portray by words..
so peeps,
start to cook....
good food for your mind, body and soul..
keep healthy and stay green~

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