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Assalamualaikum wbt
let get knowing peeps


Name: Muhamad Hafizi b. Zaudi@Harun

Brother(s): 3 bros, (2 married + 1 still a bachelor)

Sister(s): 2 sisters (married)

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Shoe Size: 9 or 10 depend on the type of shoes, gigantic feet i know hehehe

hair: black

Piercing: none

Height: 165cm

What are you wearing right now? : Shirt + Pants, casual weekend clothes

Where do you live: Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Favourite number: 8 and 10

Favourite drink: Ice Lemon Tea kottt

Favourite month: May or June, the school holide yeeehaaa

Favourite breakfast: Nestum or oat, bajet sihat je, the fastest, accurate & efficient meal to prepare


Broken a bone: never

Been in a police car: never

Fallen for a friend: lately hehe

Fallen for a guy/girl in short period of time:  yup

Swam in the Ocean: yes

Fallen asleep in school: most of the time during lecture

Broken someone's heart: kottt

Cried when someone died: sometimes, depend on situation on how i can handle my emotion

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope

Saved e-mails: yes mostly emel dr isis UiTM sal result ngn offer blajo jer

Been Cheated: sort of


what your room look like: bilik org bujang, semestinya "kemas"

what is right beside you: bed

what is the last thing you ate: ice cream..nyum..nyum..


who did you last yelled at: none, i'm living with my parent now. anak derhaka klu yelled kat parent

who was the last person you danced with: Mea it's a long...long...long time ago

who last made you smile: my mum


what are you listening at now?: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, keep repeating the song for hundredth times already.... kinda addicted dh lorhhh

what did you do today: blogging, facebooking & watching movie, still on holide bler da masuk blaja nati da xbleh nak carefree sgt

Are you the oldest?: nope, the younges

Indoors and Outdoors?: both but more to indoor type


talk to someone you like?: nope, it's been for a quite long time

kiss anyone?: no

sing?: yes, in my bathroom

talk to an ex?: no

miss someone?: yes my besties

eat?: yes


You talked to on the phone?: my bestie, Afiq

made you cry?: my so-called-bestfriend-hope-to-be

went to the movies with?: my brother, last movie i watched was "It Was A Good Day to Die Hard"

you went to the mall with?: friends

who cheered you up?: mom & dad


been to mexico?: never

been to USA? :  never


have a crush to anyone?: yes

what book are you reading right now?: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green

best feeling in the world?: scored well in my exam

Future kids name?: Muhamad Haikal Iskandar & Nur Hafifah Maisarah, fuyoooooo berangan!!

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no

whats under your bed?: some sort of magazines

favourite sport(s) : badminton, wrestling maybe?? hahahah

Favourite place: there's no other better place like home

who do you really hate?: backstabber, org yg xtepati janji

do you have a job?: nope just graduating my diploma, still waiting the offer letter to further my degree on this Sept In shaa Allah

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  1. haha best! thx sbb sudi jawab soklan2 ni semua ^_^ nice to meet you ^_^v

    1. thanks..
      do follow my blog back k..

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    1. hahahaha
      xdela bro soklan ni kopipes kat empunya blog segmen jer heheh